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wind solar hybrid controller
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  • wind solar hybrid charge controller
    The Latest Privilege Version MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller With Wifi/ GPRS Monitor

    > Remote Monitoring by 3 ways: PC monitoring; WIFI by mobile phone; GPRS by mobile phone. >This new wind solar hybrid controller is special design for 0-800w wind and 0-600w solar panels for wind >solar street light or home wind solar complementary system. >Appearance is elegant, operations are easy. Uses a custom digital LCD screen can see solar panel ,wind turbine, battery status and four key operation mode. The user to use simple and easy to use, popular and  >The inner circuit board of the controller is sprayed to prevent dust, moisture and static electricity, which can effectively prolong the controller' service life. >This controller can workable to Gel, Lead-acid, Ternary lithium battery and Lithium iron phosphate battery. >Lightning counter-attack, solar charger, over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open protection, etc.

  • MPPT solar charge controller
    Mini MPPT Solar Charge Controller 10amp 20amp 30amp for solar power system

    Latest JN-MPPT-Mini MPPT solar charge controller ranges from 10amp 20amp 30amp with mini smart design for various use purpose . The battery system voltage is 12v 24v 48v auto recognize and max. PV input can be 150V. High charge efficiency is above 99.8% which is much cost-effective for project.

  • MPPT solar charge controller
    Latest MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30amp 40amp 50amp for solar power system

    Latest JN-MPPT-AL MPPT solar charge controller ranges from 30amp 40amp 50amp which are used for solar panel system . The battery system voltage is 12v 24v 48v auto recognize and max. PV input can be 150V. High charge efficiency is above 99.8% which is much cost-effective for project.

  • PWM Solar Charge Controller
    Lastest Design PWM Solar Charge Controller 100A 24V 48V 96V 110V 192V 220V 240V

    Latest JND-X series PWM solar charge controller is used in solar off-grid system (independent system), especially suitable for small off-grid solar power generation control system, which automatically adjusts charging and discharging. The battery charging process of the JND-X controller is optimized to extend battery life and improve system performance.

The solar panel installation instructions and methods


The role of solar panels is receive the sun's light energy transfer into electrical energy, the output direct current in the battery.Solar panel is one of the most important components of solar power generation system, the conversion rate and service life is to determine whether solar cell has the use value of important factor.
Component design According to the international electro technical commission and IEC61215 standard GB/T9535-98 cell GBT6495 standard requirements for design, with 36 or 72 pieces polycrystalline silicon solar cells in series to form various types of 12 v and 24 v components.This component can be used in all kinds of household photovoltaic system, independent photovoltaic power station and grid photovoltaic power station, etc.

Raw material characteristics Cell: adopting the high efficiency (15.5 or above) of polysilicon (more than 16.5 of monocrystalline silicon solar cell encapsulation, ensure sufficient solar panels generate electricity power.USES low iron tempered glass: suede, also known as white glass, glass thickness of 3.2 mm in solar cell spectral response of the wavelength range of 320-1100 nm light transmittance of 91 above, for more than 1200 nm infrared light with high reflectivity.The glass and radiation ability of the sun's ultraviolet light, light transmittance is not falling.EVA: made with ultraviolet resistant agent, antioxidant and curing agent of the thickness of 0.78 mm high quality EVA film as sealant of solar cell and and the connection between the glass, TPT agent.With high light transmittance and anti-aging ability.

TPT: solar cells on the back of the shroud - fluorine plastic film is white and reflection of the sun, so the efficiency of the component is slightly increased, and because of its relatively High infrared emissivity, still can reduce the working temperature of components, but also to improve the efficiency of the component.Of course, the fluorine plastic film first solar cell encapsulation materials required by the aging resistant, corrosion resistant, airtight etc. Basic requirements.Frame: aluminum alloy frame with high intensity, mechanical shock resistance ability.Basic parameters of the standard test conditions: (AM1.5) irradiance 1000 w/m2 battery temperature 25 ℃ insulation voltage: 600 v or higher (more than 100 w to 1000 v or higher) border grounding resistance: 10 or less hm the wind pressure: 2400 pa fill factor: 73% of short circuit current temperature coefficient: 0.4 mA / ℃ open circuit voltage temperature coefficient: 60 mv / ℃ temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ installed component wiring instructions needed tools M4 a screwdriver, phillips screwdriver each one.

Opening of the junction box cover to the M4 the symbols on a screwdriver, in accordance with the terminal block inserted into the installation hole, the lid will be gently lifted one foot, so first to raise four corners on the edge, can open the lid.Box with wiring fender, lift the can see three terminals.The panel wiring Beside the left and right two terminals have sign is negative, it means the battery in the working status of output voltage is negative, according to the demand on the anode, cathode anode.Wiring adopts mechanical compaction method, use the M4 cross screwdriver screw terminal clamp screw, wire after peel through the G7 cable sealing joint, insert wiring in the hole, the line pressure.Electric wire, protective cover, use the M4 cross-screwdriver self-drilling screw screwed into the screw hole, after been fixed on the junction box cover, the panel wiring is completed.Panels of grounding to install grounding screw in the back of the panels, the grounding line on the grounding screw can be safely grounded.


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