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wind solar hybrid controller
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Solar inverter built-in charge controller 12V/24V/48V/96V 300W-6KW

300W to 6000W 12v/24v/48v/96v Solar inverter built-in charge controller, with RS 232 interface,with AC charger with ups,can set mains priority or inverter priority.

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    hefei China
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    3 YEARS
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300W -6000W solar inverter combined with charge controller,with RS232 software,with AC charger, with UPS,12v/24v/48v/96v, with LCD display.

Product Brief:

JN-Y series inverse control integrated machine adopts intelligent IC control,have perfect defensive function.( Overload protection,  over current protection, high temperature protection ,short circuit protection , the battery reverse connect protection, battery over voltage and under voltage protection are included. At the same time with built fuses).All kinds of work instructions and fault alarm prompt functions, LCD display and built-in remote daemon maintenance function.And it have mains inverter automatic switching function and mains charging function.When using the inverter, the inverter preferred to load power supply, once the inverter output fault automatically switches to the mains power supply.When using the mains, the mains preferred to the load power supply, once the mains power outages will automatically switch to the inverter power supply, the all-in-one is equal to the UPS.All-in-one with mains charging function, solar and mains for battery charging at the same time, guarantee the battery power is enough.The machine adopts high-quality double-sided PCB and imported components, to ensure the high quality of products, high performance, high stability.The series products of solar energy and mains can recharge the battery at the same time, the output waveform is pure sine wave, can be applied to any type of AC load, appearance beautiful and easy.

Product Advantages:

1. Unique front and back double soft start technology for solar inverter hybrid charge controller

2. Core of CUP and the pulse width control technology of SPWM.

3. With mains charge function.

4. The prevent reverse connect technology.

5. Mains hybrid, inverter or mains preference is optional

6. With a USB charging interface and dc 12v output interface.                                                            

7. Quarantine of front and back level.

8. Perfect powerful fault protection function (including the overload protection, over current protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, the battery reverse connect protection, and it is also equipped with inbuilt fuse,etc.).

9. Battery protective function (Battery over-voltage under-voltage protection, over voltage, under voltage recovery and related function,etc.).

10.AC pure sine wave output has no effect on the use lifetime of equipment.

11. Special LCD liquid crystal display and  traditional keyboard design, convenient and check the running parameters of the machine, be clear at a glance.

12. Provide industrial generic RS232 communication interface, users can remotely via PC monitoring software of the background to check machine running and working condition.

13. Rapid safety automatic switching power supply, Load no power outage.

14. Simple and elegant appearance, easy to operate!

15. Intelligent air cooling, power saving, low noise.

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Subject : Solar inverter built-in charge controller 12V/24V/48V/96V 300W-6KW

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