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wind solar hybrid controller
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  • Solar system
    Off Grid solar power system home 300w,500w,1kw,2kw 3kw,4kw,5kw,8kw,10kw customized

     Solar System characteristic: 1. All Systems have an LCD digital display which allows you to see the system working, (eg) Charge data, System voltage, Daily power consumption, and temperature. 2. All inverters are Pure Sine Wave inverters. This allows the use of Air Conditioners and refrigerators without any problem. 3. Each component has full protections, like Overloads, Low Voltage and Under Voltage (alarm) Over Heating, Short circuit, Reverse Polarity. 4. Your system can be updated very easily. Just by adding extra components your system will increase power capacity. 5. Battery optional, you can purchase from us or locally. 6. Simple to install, just follow installation instructions. 7. Our System offers Cutting Edge Technology, State of the Art Quality with Greater Functionality than our competitors, at Competitive prices.

  • wind solar hybrid charge controller
    The Latest Privilege Version MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller With Wifi/ GPRS Monitor

    > Remote Monitoring by 3 ways: PC monitoring; WIFI by mobile phone; GPRS by mobile phone. >This new wind solar hybrid controller is special design for 0-800w wind and 0-600w solar panels for wind >solar street light or home wind solar complementary system. >Appearance is elegant, operations are easy. Uses a custom digital LCD screen can see solar panel ,wind turbine, battery status and four key operation mode. The user to use simple and easy to use, popular and  >The inner circuit board of the controller is sprayed to prevent dust, moisture and static electricity, which can effectively prolong the controller' service life. >This controller can workable to Gel, Lead-acid, Ternary lithium battery and Lithium iron phosphate battery. >Lightning counter-attack, solar charger, over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open protection, etc.

  • MPPT solar charge controller
    Mini MPPT Solar Charge Controller 10amp 20amp 30amp for solar power system

    Latest JN-MPPT-Mini MPPT solar charge controller ranges from 10amp 20amp 30amp with mini smart design for various use purpose . The battery system voltage is 12v 24v 48v auto recognize and max. PV input can be 150V. High charge efficiency is above 99.8% which is much cost-effective for project.

  • MPPT solar charge controller
    Latest MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30amp 40amp 50amp for solar power system

    Latest JN-MPPT-AL MPPT solar charge controller ranges from 30amp 40amp 50amp which are used for solar panel system . The battery system voltage is 12v 24v 48v auto recognize and max. PV input can be 150V. High charge efficiency is above 99.8% which is much cost-effective for project.

Solar inverter built-in charge controller 12V/24V/48V/96V 300W-6KW

300W to 6000W 12v/24v/48v/96v Solar inverter built-in charge controller, with RS 232 interface,with AC charger with ups,can set mains priority or inverter priority.

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    hefei China
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    3 YEARS
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300W -6000W solar inverter combined with charge controller,with RS232 software,with AC charger, with UPS,12v/24v/48v/96v, with LCD display.

Product Brief:

JN-Y series inverse control integrated machine adopts intelligent IC control,have perfect defensive function.( Overload protection,  over current protection, high temperature protection ,short circuit protection , the battery reverse connect protection, battery over voltage and under voltage protection are included. At the same time with built fuses).All kinds of work instructions and fault alarm prompt functions, LCD display and built-in remote daemon maintenance function.And it have mains inverter automatic switching function and mains charging function.When using the inverter, the inverter preferred to load power supply, once the inverter output fault automatically switches to the mains power supply.When using the mains, the mains preferred to the load power supply, once the mains power outages will automatically switch to the inverter power supply, the all-in-one is equal to the UPS.All-in-one with mains charging function, solar and mains for battery charging at the same time, guarantee the battery power is enough.The machine adopts high-quality double-sided PCB and imported components, to ensure the high quality of products, high performance, high stability.The series products of solar energy and mains can recharge the battery at the same time, the output waveform is pure sine wave, can be applied to any type of AC load, appearance beautiful and easy.

Product Advantages:

1. Unique front and back double soft start technology for solar inverter hybrid charge controller

2. Core of CUP and the pulse width control technology of SPWM.

3. With mains charge function.

4. The prevent reverse connect technology.

5. Mains hybrid, inverter or mains preference is optional

6. With a USB charging interface and dc 12v output interface.                                                            

7. Quarantine of front and back level.

8. Perfect powerful fault protection function (including the overload protection, over current protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, the battery reverse connect protection, and it is also equipped with inbuilt fuse,etc.).

9. Battery protective function (Battery over-voltage under-voltage protection, over voltage, under voltage recovery and related function,etc.).

10.AC pure sine wave output has no effect on the use lifetime of equipment.

11. Special LCD liquid crystal display and  traditional keyboard design, convenient and check the running parameters of the machine, be clear at a glance.

12. Provide industrial generic RS232 communication interface, users can remotely via PC monitoring software of the background to check machine running and working condition.

13. Rapid safety automatic switching power supply, Load no power outage.

14. Simple and elegant appearance, easy to operate!

15. Intelligent air cooling, power saving, low noise.

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  • Hybrid inverter with built-in MPPT solar controller all on one Hybrid inverter with built-in MPPT solar controller all on one

    CM series hybrid  inverter with built-in MPPT solar controller all on one has the advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption and strong carrying capacity and more intelligent, User can set charging mode according to the usage environment, and the AC complementary output, the mode of AC or DC, it has the advantages of stable quality, strong load resistance, anti-adverse environment and long service life; it is the main product of our company’s power frequency pure sine wave inverter.

  • hybrid inverter 8kw to 20kw hybrid solar inverter with build in mppt controller all in one

    Full power hybrid solar inverter with build in mppt controller used for off grid solar system high quality inverter with CE ROSH certification can used as UPS inverter for home power system.

  • Fast charger automatic recognition mppt solar charge controller JN-MPPT-B 12v 24v 48v auto volt 30a 40a 50a 60a MPPT solar charge controller

    Extruded big aluminum heatsink dissipates heat quickly and take the latest shared-one-cathode circuit design.  The system voltage is 12v 24v 48v auto work. The controller choose MPPT charging, the efficiency is above 99.8%. Optional WIFI/ GPRS /PC host computer monitor, intelligent humanized control.

  • PWM Solar Charge Controller Lastest Design PWM Solar Charge Controller 50A 96V 110V 192V 220V 240V

    Latest JND-X series 50amp PWM solar charge controller is used in solar off-grid system (independent system), especially suitable for small off-grid solar power generation control system, which automatically adjusts charging and discharging. The battery charging process of the JND-X controller is optimized to extend battery life and improve system performance.

  • AC hybrid inverter JN-HS 500w AC hybrid DC power inverter

    1. High conversion efficiency, smart soft start function. 2. Multiple safe protections 3. Input and output are completely independent 4. Smart, light,and portable,designed for home use. 5. Universal socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs 6. Pure sine waveform output 7. Applicable for resistive/sensitive loads 8. High-procision voltage stability technology 9. Aerospace-grade silence technology 10. Cooler of fan and working status are intellectually controlled by MCU, which mostly prolongs its service life and helps to save the power consumption

  • Solar battery 100ah 150ah 200ah 250ah rechargeable lead acid ,AGM, lithium ion battery Solar battery 100ah 150ah 200ah 250ah rechargeable lead acid ,AGM, lithium ion battery

    Energy storage battery mainly refers to the use of solar power generation equipment and wind power generation equipment and renewable energy energy storage battery. At present, the most common storage battery are GEL battery, lithium battery, AGM battery, lithium battery ect.

  • mppt wind solar hybrid controller MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller with Booster Function

    1.Wind Solar Hybrid Input or Independent Input Solar or Wind ,the Wind used for AC Wind or DC Wind 2.MPPT charging way, make sure power max. input to battery and high charging efficiency obtained 3.Be able to use for 800W wind turbine max.with high compatibility. 4.Independent Boost Circuit: Solved the charging efficiency of the low-power vertical wind generator. 5.12V/24V System Automatic Recognition function. 6.Mini-size, be easy to install. Include Dump Loader Resistance

  • 800 power inverter 800w inverter 12V 24V DC to 100/110/120/220/230/240V AC power inverter generator for house appliance and car

    1. By using the advanced Double-CPU single chip intelligent control technology, with the features of high reliability and low failure; 2. Pure sine wave output, inverter with strong load capacity and wide applications; 3. Perfect protection functions (Overload protection, Internal over-temperature protection, Output short-circuit protection, Input under-voltage protection, Input over-voltage protection, etc) largely improve products’ reliability; 4. Internal CPU centralized control and SMD Technology allow small size and light weight; 5. By CPU controlling the working state of cooling fan, its intelligent control can largely prolong the fan’s service life, save energy, and improve the working efficiency; 6. Small working noise,and high efficiency.


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