Hebei province will build 4000 photovoltaic power stations to help people there out of poverty Nov 02

Many poor rural areas,road is rough,water taste bad, weak infrastructure in Hebei Yanshan, Taihangshan shenshanqu district, Zhangjiakou and Chengde in bashang region,villagers cannot get rich cause the lack of opportunities. This year, Hebei will highlight the key areas of poverty, and each village support 500,000 yuan to 5,000 poor villages and build 4,000 photovoltaic power plants, 550 tourist village of pro-poor focus on poverty reduction, accelerating the pace of the poor out of poverty.

Hebei surrounds Beijing and Tianjin cities, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Baoding and other places,where still have many people living in poverty. Governor of Hebei province, Zhang Qingwei 8th 12th npc member of Hebei province said in a Government work report on the fifth meeting,they would focus on poverty eradication, and implement poor village promotion project, foster the growth of the collective economy, strengthen the construction of infrastructure such as water circuit, each village support 500,000 yuan to 5,000 poor villages.

photovoltaic power stations

Hebei put forward this year to ensure a stable 700,000 poor people out of poverty and strive for 15 counties to get out from poverty line. Relocation of poor villages,Adhere to the industrial park and immigrant communities "areas for change" for immigrants moving out, make sure safe housing.

According to the deployment, and Hebei focus on agriculture, Solar photovoltaics, tourism, cottage industries, e-commerce, employment 6 major anti-poverty projects this year, Making construction of 4,000 PV power plants for povery villages, 550 tourist support village of pro-poor, achieving household projects, increasing poverty for all connections. Meanwhile, improving the mechanism of financial aid funds to explore asset poverty, including poverty alleviation, eco-compensation etc..

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