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Where is the service of household photovoltaic reflected? 2017-05-26 08:56:23

1.Storage, packaging and transport services to ensure that the product zero defects in front of customers

Most people will pay attention to the system itself, this process is rarely focus on the system from the factory to the roof, small before have compared the brand manufacturers and a motley crew of packaging and transportation process, also found that this link there are too many fatal problems.

Many people may not know, storage conditions of household photovoltaic systems is very demanding requirements, must be stored in the constant temperature and humidity environment, humidity and temperature changes will cause the product power attenuation, affect the efficiency of power generation. In the course of transportation, a certain degree of vibration or excessive load will lead to the system battery components hidden crack.

Therefore, in addition to the original TRW household photovoltaic systems to do enough research in packaging materials and methods, but also on the transport routes of trial operation, select the best routes of transportation, packing, loading method and transportation vehicles, and transportation production manual, strict guidance of transport people to the control system in the implementation process, in the process of transportation quality.

2.Professional design and installation and construction services to ensure that the product is perfect in the roof Some time ago the Internet there are some domestic photovoltaic industry chaos, such as the roof of the Water Leakage problem is the installation of personnel is not professional, construction is not standardized, no waterproof treatment caused by the course, Xiao Bian also contacted more because of the design, installation and the problems caused by the loss, because of unreasonable design and installation angle, building block hot spot effect; because of the installation error caused the roof panels off; because of the design, installation error caused the roof collapse of whole cell components; even the line due to design problems directly lead to the fire, so that the team and the construction standard is really important professional design and installation.

But many businesses do not pay enough attention to this problem, because the manpower cost is too high, they disrupt the market with low price competition, cannot afford the expense, and they are holding out the trouble of mind, can make a fortune, even they themselves are not aware of the serious these questions, once a problem, they are ring.

Our company have strict process control in this link, the implementation of the price and set aside enough space to support this process, to ensure the safety of the whole construction process specification, the user does not have menace from the rear.

3.Customer tracking and maintenance of education services to ensure that the system can run stably for a long time. A lot of low-quality businesses or brand-name manufacturers in order to snatch customers resources, vicious price competition, disrupted the market price order, then reduce the quality of products, reduce personnel costs and maintenance costs to obtain their profits, resulting in a lot of rural people to install household photovoltaic power generation system, not only can not guarantee the power generation, power generation system also frequently failure, don't even say good maintenance management and PV knowledge training, thus also made many people install home photovoltaic system used for drying of radish and pepper jokes.

We to invest in a huge manpower, material and financial resources, build sales team in each of the provinces to help dealers to open up the market, organized the installer training school, on the installation of professional personnel can and knowledge training and awarded a certificate of graduation, held activities in Wan Zhen Photovoltaic Science National 1000 County. The spread of knowledge and knowledge of photovoltaic power generation products to more people.

We provide PV Solar Charge Controller,Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller,solar charge and discharge controller etc. Also,we provide whole solar power systems for household and commercial,solar street lighting system etc. as well.

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