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What are the factors involved in the generation of PV power plants? 2017-04-26 16:34:40

1. The amount of solar radiation

Home PV power plant is the use of photovoltaic components will be converted into solar energy, solar radiation, the amount of radiation directly affect the power generation capacity of photovoltaic power plants. For local solar radiation, please contact the NASA Meteorological Information website.

2. The tilt angle of the solar cell module

Vertical exposure to the photovoltaic components on the sun is the highest photoelectric conversion rate, due to the longitude, latitude in different places, so the best installation of photovoltaic components dip angle, the general situation is the best inclination as follows:

A. latitude 0 ° ~ 25 °, tilt angle equal to latitude

B. Latitude 26 ° ~ 40 °, inclination equal to latitude plus 5 ° ~ 10 °

C. Latitude 41 ° ~ 55 °, inclination equal to latitude plus 10 ° ~ 15 °

3. Conversion efficiency of solar cell modules

PV module is the core of the family photovoltaic power plant, it is a direct impact on the power generation of photovoltaic power plants. The conversion efficiency of PV modules is increasing, especially polysilicon. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the market circulation of polysilicon battery components conversion efficiency of not less than 15.5%, monocrystalline silicon cell module conversion efficiency of not less than 16%. At present, the market line of brand polysilicon components conversion efficiency is generally more than 16%, monocrystalline silicon conversion efficiency is generally more than 17%.

4. System loss

Like all merchandise, the PV plant also has its service life, and the official conservative value is 25 years. In the course of 25 years of use, the photovoltaic power plant will be due to various factors lead to its component efficiency, components of the electrical properties of the gradual decline in power generation gradually reduced.

An important component of a photovoltaic power station is a photovoltaic array. The carrying capacity of the roof structure is the main factor affecting the installation of the PV system. If the requirements of the PV system are not reached, the housing reinforcement must be strengthened in order to ensure the safe and reliable housing. In addition, the bracket before the fixed, must pay attention to roof coating maintenance and waterproof and other measures. At the same time, houses around the shelter, such as trees, near the building, which will directly affect the PV module to accept the effective time of solar radiation and power generation efficiency.

Wind solar hybrid controller is one of our new series solar controllers.It has three types :Standard type,that is wind solar hybrid street lamp controller.High-End type,that is MPPT high end type wind solar hybrid street lamp controller.High Power type,that is High end wind solar hybrid controller with unloading box.In addition, we can provide Solar Controller, Mini Mobile Solar Power System , AC Mains DC Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter and other products

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