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Types of photovoltaic power generation 2017-08-11 10:14:56

In general, we will be solar photovoltaic power generation system is divided into off-grid system, and network systems, hybrid systems. When users choose to install solar photovoltaic power generation system, you must first confirm the use of off-grid power generation or grid-connected power generation, the use of three functions are not the same, the system is not the same equipment, the cost is also a great difference.

First, off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system. Also known as independent photovoltaic power generation system is independent of the grid and independent operation of the system, mainly solar panels, energy storage batteries, charge and discharge controllers, inverters and other components. Solar panels issued by the direct flow of electricity into the battery and stored up, you need to supply electrical appliances, the battery in the DC current through the inverter and converted into 220V AC, which is a repeated cycle of charge and discharge process. This kind of power generation system is widely used because it is not restricted by geographical area. It can be used as long as there is sunlight, so it is very suitable for remote power grid area, island, fishing boat, outdoor breeding base and so on. Area of emergency power generation equipment.

Second, grid-connected solar photovoltaic power generation system. And must be connected to the public power grid, that is, solar photovoltaic power generation, home power grid, public power grid linked together, it is necessary to rely on the existing power grid to run the power generation system. Mainly composed of solar panels and inverters, solar panels issued directly through the inverter into 220V AC and power supply to household appliances, when the solar power generation capacity than the use of household appliances, the excess electricity to the public Power grid. And when the solar power generation can not meet the use of household appliances, it is automatically added from the grid. And the whole process is intelligent control, do not need to think open or closed. However, when the public power grid power, solar photovoltaic power generation can not run.

Third, hybrid solar photovoltaic power generation system. This is between the two systems. The program has a strong adaptability, for example, according to the peak and valley power grid to adjust their power generation strategy, but its cost and operating costs are higher than the above two programs.

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