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The U.S.residential photovoltaic industry 2017-10-26 16:13:12

The U.S. residential photovoltaic solar industry is booming in two, creating a new world record of the annual total installed capacity. At present, the United States residential photovoltaic solar installed capacity ranked third in the world, after Japan and germany. The cost of residential PV systems in the United States is about 2 times the cost of other mature markets. The U.S. residential solar market competition pattern has some special, mainly occupy more than 50% market share in the large-scale suppliers; four States accounted for the total installed capacity of more than 80%, of which the vast majority of owners for high income earners. Indeed believes that in the next few months, the solar industry is expected to become the largest energy industry employer. In January, there was news that the number of jobs in the solar power sector in the United States has exceeded the number of jobs in the American oil and gas industry.

According to the U. S. Department of Commerce statistics, in 2017 1-7 months, the United States imports and exports volume of 2 trillion and 207 billion 160 million U. s.dollars, of which exports 879 billion 690 million U. s.dollars, imports of 1 trillion and 327 billion 480 million U. s.dollars. In the month of July, US imports and exports amounted to US $314 billion 330 million, of which 122 billion 170 million US dollars were exported and 192 billion 160 million US dollars were imported. 1-7 months, the United States and China bilateral goods import and export amounted to $342 billion 800 million, of which the United States exports 69 billion 280 million dollars to China, the United States imports 273 billion 510 million dollars from china. By July, China was the largest trading partner of the United States, the third largest export market and the largest source of imports.

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