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The Two Technologies That Affect Photovoltaic Power Generation 2017-11-01 14:53:27

1.Energy storage

Based on the characteristics of photovoltaic power plants can only generate electricity during the day, can not generate electricity at night and will be affected by the weather characteristics of photovoltaic power generation there is a certain degree of intermittent and random. In the peak demand for electricity can not generate electricity at night, which is the most huge photovoltaic power generation defects. The existence of this defect not only allows the user at night when the power can not be through the photovoltaic power plant, and because of its instability, photovoltaic power into the grid when the power grid security and reliability of the power supply threat, which greatly affected the photovoltaic Power generation and long - term development.

If a photovoltaic power plant in the daytime power generation at the same time, the surplus power stored up to the night when it will not power. If there is a complete energy storage technology, photovoltaic power generation will overcome the intermittent problem of power generation, providing electricity all day. In addition, the energy storage system can be used for fast response to the FM service, can effectively avoid the solar power intermittent, uncertainty and other shortcomings, and enhance the peak load shedding capacity. In this way, the importance of energy storage technology for photovoltaic power generation is self-evident.

At present, limited to technical restrictions. "PV + energy storage" mode in the case of disengagement from the grid is still difficult to guarantee the continued power supply of photovoltaic power plants. The government has given strong support in the policy, making the energy storage technology in recent years has been rapid development. In addition, the national grid grid of the world's first scenery storage demonstration project after years of testing, has been able to calmly smooth consumption of clean energy.

The development of energy storage technology in developed countries abroad has reached the point of industrialization, such as Germany in the ongoing subsidies under the birth of the emerging household energy storage market. And in recent years, Tesla in Hawaii to build the world's largest solar energy storage facilities officially put into operation, the facility covers an area of nearly 50 acres, close to the local Kapaia power station, including 55,000 independent Solar panel and 272 Tesla Powerpack 2 lithium-ion battery. Generating power of 13 megawatts, equivalent to an annual generating capacity of 19,438 trillion kwh, for the island more than 60,000 residents 24 hours a day power supply.

2. Energy Internet

The global energy Internet is a high-voltage power grid as the backbone network, the global interconnection of the strong smart grid. Is a clean energy in the global scale of large-scale development, configuration, use of the basic platform, can be simply summarized as "UHV + smart grid + clean energy." The Internet + energy is mainly in the energy development which, with large data, cloud computing and data mining and other emerging technologies to achieve system optimization, optimal allocation of resources, efficient operation purposes. Integrated energy services are primarily energy services that integrate value-added services such as energy-efficient services or energy efficiency services.

For the photovoltaic power generation, the energy Internet can be photovoltaic power generation information system in-depth development, through the photovoltaic power generation system design, operation data collection, and weather, geographic data integration to form large data, and on this basis Load forecasting, power generation forecasting and operational control, opening up and optimizing the operational efficiency of energy production and consumption.

In addition, the global energy Internet architecture will have a positive impact on the consumption of photovoltaic power generation, the future of photovoltaic power can not only achieve long-distance transport, but also in the energy of the intelligent operation of the Internet, will be able to maximize the local consumption.

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