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The Recovery Voltage of Solar Controller 2017-08-17 17:51:01

There are two kinds of solar controller recovery voltage: load output recovery voltage and constant current charging recovery voltage.

1.Load output recovery voltage

When the battery voltage is too low, the load output of controller will cut off the output to prevent the battery over-discharge.When the battery voltage re-charging again, the voltage recovery to the specified value, the load will restore the output, this voltage is called the load recovery output voltage.

In general,between the load recovery output voltage and the low-voltage protection voltage,there is about 1.5V dropout voltage,the proposal is to prevent the fluctuations of battery voltage lead to the load output intermittent.

2. Constant current charging recovery voltage

When the battery into the constant voltage charging or floating charging stage, if there is the load discharge, result in the battery voltage drop. When the battery voltage drops to the specified voltage, the solar charge controller can re-enter the constant current charging stage, the aim is to make full use of solar energy,to achieve charging the battery quickly.

Generally,12V lead-acid battery constant current charge recovery voltage is 13.2V. (24V battery is 2 times the value).

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