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The prospect of the photovoltaic power generation 2017-03-30 09:05:39

Whether from the economic and social sustainable development and protection of ecological environment of the earth to the survival of humans to look at.Or from the two billion people without electricity in the world and some special purpose to solve the energy supply of reality, development of solar photovoltaic power generation is of great practical significance.

In the long history of human development and utilization of energy.Fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal mainly period is only a not too long period, fossil energy was replaced by the new energy is historically inevitable. Here form human beings must save for a rainy day. As soon as possible to seek alternative sources of energy. At the same time we also know that, the amount of fossil energy development and utilization is one of the main causes of human survival environment deterioration. Such as the burning of fossil fuel emissions of carbon dioxide and oxygen sulfide led directly to the production of the greenhouse effect and acid rain, earth (in the 21st century, mankind is faced with double challenges of economic and social sustainable development, in the double restriction of limited resources and environmental requirements of economic development has become a global hot issue. This requires that we seek alternative sources of energy must be renewable clean energy.

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In addition, the least developed countries in the world there are two billion population has not access to electricity. Because these people are still without electricity lived a poor, sunrise and make, whether, away from the life of modern civilization.And some special fields, such as AIDS to navigation at sea, mountain weather stations, border posts in the absence of regular power under the special conditions of also want to have a kind of renewable energy to provide power supply.Solar energy is an ideal renewable energy. According to measuring the amount of solar energy reaching the earth's surface in a year is the world's proven reserves of ten thousand times more energy. The development and utilization of photovoltaic power generation is the main way of the solar system. It has the following advantages: no noise, no pollution, energy widely available, is not subject to regional restriction, can without consuming fuel, unattended, short construction period, large scale design degrees of freedom, can be used in situ, easy to store, and can be easily combined with buildings, etc. These advantages are conventional power generation and can't be matched by other power generation methods. And the use of solar photovoltaic power generation can be neither possible for nuclear power plant nuclear accident, also do not have to hydropower station dam may collapse in war or earthquake and concerns.

At present, the development and utilization of solar energy has become an important strategic decision for the sustainable development of many countries in the world.

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