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wind solar hybrid controller
The green electricity energy program and the advantages of efficient wind turbines 2017-03-07 17:40:49

As the fossil energy increasingly nervous, stimulate the development and utilization of renewable energy, the use of green energy, has become the strategy of economic development, national government in the new development plan has put the energy conservation and emissions reduction, development of new energy utilization, the promotion of green technology in the implementation of the important link.

For its widespread use green energy is still blank in our country, just doing demonstration project or solution in geographical location have special requirements on the installation.

How to cut the cost of investment of new energy use, how to stimulate and guide the masses awareness of green energy and favor, how to really create a kind of energy in energy structure of social consciousness, how to further promote the popularity of green technology innovation and new technology, will be the important content of green energy plan.

Shandong peninsula is in the wind and solar energy resources are relatively rich region, it is for the implementation of the green energy plan laid a good foundation.For the evaluation of the role of the plan, we not only should begin from the two aspects of social and economic benefits to see, should also be based on the analysis of the recent and long-term benefits to measure its practical significance.

Implementation of the plan of the first question is how to make people willing to do this, by doing this can feel real benefits, and then by improving the technology, cost reduction, a wide range of applications.

The plan is based on wind power cut into the first application, and gradually increase the joint application of photovoltaic power generation, and compared with grid load jump control complementary use, according to the result of generating electricity metering, government subsidies the premise that measures the comprehensive energy-saving green electricity for universal stimulate implementation plan, is a green energy utilization, reduce the use of threshold, reduce the best scheme blindly waste big investment risk, long-term significance to the entire society.

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