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The economics significance of wind power 2017-03-15 09:55:28

There in the wind power market model using including traditional horizontal axis inside the gear shift vertical axis wind turbines, direct at low speed wind turbines, two basic types, they each have each advantages and disadvantages of the performance, but how to under the condition of the same wind, more of a more stable wind power, reduce the kw investment costs, this is one of the important conditions to implement the plan.

Vertical axis times someone who comported himself double impeller diameter disc wind turbine system is the most eligible in this plan of power systems, it and inverter, battery, electrical load measurement jump controller jointly completed comprehensive free use of wind energy, get real benefits from the nature.

This is on the basis of the existing disc or other type generator was improved, according to the principle of variable magnetic raw power, combined the technology of wind power characteristics and mechanical dynamics, for wind generators of composite structure bold design and renovation, design a kind and efficient power generation under variable wind speed under low wind speed of wind power equipment, the full name: double impeller speed variable diameter vertical axis times disc efficient wind turbines.

Its characteristic is that: the generating equipment can be in the same wind speed and generator under the condition of nominal rated output capacity, 70% to 90% higher than that of common equipment of the power generation, wind speed is greatly reduced to the battery request, not only without using expensive special double rotor wind turbines, also need not deliberately choose ordinary large power generators, wind turbines and at the same time the use of special technology, variable vane rotating radius in order to increase the windmill rotating speed is not caused by the wind speed change and constant compensation ability, ensure the relative stability of generator power transmission and continuity, so that the investment criteria of kw investment greatly reduced, energy-saving effect is more obvious.

Due to their high power generation efficiency, producing large, wide effective use of time, the machine production of less investment, average wind turbine production enterprises on the basis of the original transition easy, quick effect, product promotion threshold is low, the social universal installation is easy to be accepted by the public.

Ordinary horizontal axis wind nominal price of about 12000, in the name of common vertical axis wind power price of about 08000, but this kind of generator's actual wind about 04000 kw price, if the scale and the government involved in marketing support, kw price will reach 02000, namely if an ordinary family to install a 300-500 - w generator, just need the price of one thousand yuan, for the promotion of green electricity energy plan, reduce the pressure of electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote sustainable development of national economy, will play an important role.

In order to make renewable energy earlier to enter homes, hope the government or a man of insight to this project of the enterprise development, technology sharing, for the benefit of society, also in order to further respond to national call to conserve energy and accelerate the process of the well-off society, hope a man of insight to work together.

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