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The Development of Australian Photovoltaic 2017-09-30 09:29:39

Australia has a wealth of coal, coal and lignite for more than 100 years, and the current electricity generation in Australia is dominated by coal. Because of its reliance on coal, Australia's per capita carbon emissions are the highest. In 2010, Australia emitted almost 25 tons of carbon dioxide per person. Compared with China's emissions per capita of around 7 tons in 2015, Australia is 250% higher. Australia's carbon emissions per unit of GDP are second in 34 iced countries, behind Estonia. Now Australia has set a target of cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 26 per cent by 2030.The weakest cuts in iced countries are almost certainly the weakest.

At recent years, solar PV systems have become Australia's fastest growing new energy source, especially photovoltaic, which is a bright spot in Australia's greenhouse gas emission reduction. Relative to the storage of large photovoltaic power station and a series of unstable factors, less than 10kw in household photovoltaic power generation can be used in time and save the advantages of the electric power consumption has become the most popular development projects. According to the latest statistics in 2016, the total population of Australia is 24.13 m letters (24.13 million), a total of 9.1 m letters (9.1 million) family, at the end of 2016, the installation of solar photovoltaic panels family has reached 1.5 million units, in 9.1 million, 16.5% of the total by the Australian government said the household photovoltaic (PV) generally refers to the power of not more than 10kw, the most common of family install 2kw.

Why are photovoltaic family installations so popular in Australia?

1. Government policy support.

2. Most of Australia's houses are made up of independent houses with relatively large roof space suitable for optical system.

3. Abundant solar resources in Australia; such irradiation conditions, in China, would rank among the highest in a class of resources.

4. The price of electricity for Australian residents is high, so it is possible to save electricity by installing photovoltaic power. The price of electricity in Australia is priced by the retailer, and the price varies from region to region. Electricity prices have been rising in recent years. The price of electricity in Sydney is almost the highest in the world -- 32 cents per kilowatt hour. The cost of photovoltaic power is far lower than that, and it can be predicted that photovoltaic power generation will become a strong rival to power grid retailers in the future.

5. Usually is the peak season, in the afternoon at the same time, the solar power to 60% of fossil energy price sale, not only reduces the price of electricity, but also for environmental protection and emission reduction has played a good role.

6. Australia's policy support for the free use of housing allows residents to get a better return on their investment in solar photovoltaic panels.

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