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Principles of photovoltaic power generation
The Characteristics of Photovoltaic Power Generation 2017-04-12 12:33:12

Solar photovoltaic power generation process is simple, no mechanical moving parts, fuel consumption, emissions, including greenhouse gas, no matter, no noise, no pollution; Solar energy resources are widely distributed, an inexhaustible. And, therefore, wind power, biomass power generation and nuclear power compared to the new power generation technologies such as photovoltaic (pv) power generation is a sustainable development of the most ideal characteristics (one of the most abundant resources and clean power generation process) of renewable energy power generation technology, has the following main advantages.

PV Solar Charge Controller

(1) abundant solar energy resources, an inexhaustible, exposure to the earth's solar energy 6000 times greater than the energy for human being. And solar energy are widely distributed on the earth, as long as there is light place can use photovoltaic power generation system, is not restricted by factors such as geographical, altitude.

(2) solar energy resources widely available, but nearby power supply, don't have to be long distance transportation, avoids the energy loss caused by long distance transmission line.

(3) of photovoltaic energy conversion process is simple, directly from the light energy into electrical energy conversion, no middle process (such as heat energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy is converted to electromagnetic energy, etc.) and mechanical movement, there is no mechanical wear and tear. According to the thermodynamics analysis, photovoltaic power generation has the very high efficiency theory, can reach more than 80%, technology development has huge potential.

(4) photovoltaic itself does not use fuel, no emissions, including greenhouse gas and other emissions, any material that does not pollute the air, no noise, friendly to environment, will not suffer from the energy crisis or fuel market instability caused by the impact, is a new type of renewable energy in real green environmental protection.

(5) photovoltaic process does not need cooling water, can be installed on the desert gobi desert without water. Photovoltaic (pv) power generation can also be easily combined with buildings, constitute a photovoltaic building integrated power generation system, do not need to separate cover, can save valuable land resources.

(6)Photovoltaic no mechanical transmission parts, operation, maintenance is simple, operation is stable and reliable. A photovoltaic power generation system with solar energy battery components can power generation, and widely used of automatic control technology, basically can achieve unattended, low maintenance cost.

(7)All landowners photovoltaic system work stable and reliable performance, long service life (more than 30 years).Crystalline silicon solar battery life of up to 20 to 35 years. In photovoltaic power generation systems, as long as reasonable design, selection of appropriate, the life of the battery can be up to 10 ~ 15 years.

(8)Today solar modules simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to transport and install. Photovoltaic power generation system construction period is short, and according to the power load capacity but can small, convenient and flexible, easy to combination, expansion.

The solar cell is a promising new type of power supply, and permanent, clean and flexibility to three big advantage. Solar photovoltaic power generation compared with thermal power, nuclear power, solar cells will not cause environmental pollution: Solar cells can be medium, medium to million kilowatts of large power plant, small to only for a family of independent solar power generation system, these features are unmatched by other power supply.

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