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Solar Street Light Controller Parameters 2018-04-10 11:34:44

Solar street lighting projects include solar street light controllers, batteries, solar panels, light sources, and light poles. The general service life of the solar panel is about 20 years, the service life of the light source is generally 8 years, and the light pole is hardly damaged. The manufacturer of the solar street light controller and the warranty period of the battery is generally 3 to 4 years. Therefore, in the solar street light system, the solar street light controller and the battery belong to the easy-disposable products.

1.Direct charge protection point voltage

Direct charge, also called rush charge, is a fast charge. Usually when the battery voltage is low, the battery is charged with a large current and a relatively high voltage. However, there is a control point, also called a protection point.

The direct charge protection point voltage is generally also the "overcharge protection point" voltage, and the battery terminal voltage cannot be higher than this protection point during charging, otherwise it will cause overcharge and damage the battery.

2.Charge control point voltage

After the direct charge is completed, the battery is generally left standing for a period of time by the charge and discharge controller, allowing the voltage to drop naturally. When it falls to the “recovery voltage” value, it will enter the equal charge state.

Even charge, that is, "balanced charge." The average charge time should not be too long, usually a few minutes to ten minutes. It is harmful to set the time too long. For a small system equipped with a two-battery battery, it is of little significance. and so. Solar street light controllers generally do not have equal charge, there are only two stages.

3.Float charging control point voltage

After the battery is fully charged, the battery is left standing for a period of time, causing the terminal voltage to drop naturally, and when it falls to the maintenance voltage point, it enters the floating state. It is similar to the small current charging, and the battery voltage is as low as charging. On the one hand, one charge is low and one charge comes in one unit to prevent the battery temperature from rising continuously. This is very good for the battery.

4.Over discharge protection termination voltage

Battery discharge can not be lower than the national standard. Although battery manufacturers also have their own protection parameters, they still have to move closer to the national standard. For safety reasons, generally 12V battery over-voltage protection point plus 0.3v artificially as temperature compensation or control circuit zero drift correction, so 12V battery over-discharge protection point voltage is: 11.10v, then 24V system over-discharge The protection point voltage is 22.20V.

How to choose solar street light controller

1.The light source is built-in drive (plus constant current source)

If the light source itself is driven, the controller uses an ordinary solar street light controller. If there is no driving power in the light source, then you have to purchase a constant current control integrated machine.

2.The arrangement of light source lamp beads

If it is a three-string multi-parallel combination, use a step-down street light controller, four or more strings, and use a boost-type solar street light controller, up to a maximum of 14 strings.

3.The power of solar energy

If less than 150W, use 10A controller, use 20A controller between 150W~250W.

4.The type of battery

You know, lead-acid or colloidal batteries, or lithium batteries. Different types of batteries, the controller selection is also different, because the battery charging parameters can not be different.

5.The power of the light source

If it is 30W or less, use 10A current controller, if it is 30W ~ 60W with 20A controller. This refers to the 12V system voltage, which is 60W at 24V.

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