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Solar Cell 3D Printing 2017-11-23 09:33:13

Not long ago, an Australian research institute developed a thin, paper-thin solar cell using 3D printing. Oxalate, a Spanish company, has also developed a new photovoltaic cell, Solar Oxides, using the current global technology. The battery made from conductive oxide, no toxicity and very stable, because the required material in nature reserves, so the price is very cheap, if you can batch production, will probably make at low cost for solar power becomes a reality.

Solar Oxides is made from unprocessed materials in 3D printing, which has the advantages of economy and fast, compared with the traditional way of making monocrystalline silicon. In fossil energy to die right now, this technology breakthrough will no doubt can meet energy growing in the field of environmental protection, stable, safe and efficient demand, in many sectors such as transport, health care and communication play an important role.

The battery's developer, Oxalate, belongs to the Barcelona institute of materials science (ICMAB).The agency's goal is to bring results and superconductivity and Nan materials to market while leading research. According to the Chinese 3D printing first interactive media platform, the Antarctic bear knows that in order to develop the new battery, the engineer team has used the inkjet 3D printing technology. The technology can deposit liquid into the surface of the object and then make the oxide film by combining the chemical solution deposition, which is what solar cells need.

Because of its potential for development, Solar Oxides has been selected as one of the nine winners of the 2015 Foundation resole venture fund. These projects will not only get a valued at 288000 Euros, the longest 2 years and will be helped by a mentor and professional training, also can get technical and legal advisers, thus can more quickly to commercialize their projects and to the market.

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