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Small Power MPPT Controller Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology 2018-01-26 17:28:19

MPPT controller is a solar power off-grid system with maximum power tracking technology controller, the controller is characterized by intelligent tracking algorithm to get the maximum power point of solar modules to prevent over-discharge of batteries caused damage .

The basic form of photovoltaic system applications can be divided into two categories: independent power generation system and grid-connected power generation system. The main areas of application are mainly household power supply in space aircraft, communications systems, microwave relay stations, television repeaters, photovoltaic pumps and areas without electricity shortage. With the development of technology and the need of sustainable development of the world economy, the developed countries have begun to plan the grid-connected photovoltaic power generation in urban areas in a planned way, mainly for the construction of domestic rooftop photovoltaic power generation systems and MW-class large-scale grid-connected power generation systems, Transport and urban lighting, etc. to promote the application of solar photovoltaic systems.

Photovoltaic system consists of the following three parts: solar modules; solar charge and discharge controller, inverter, test instrumentation and computer monitoring and other power electronics and batteries or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.

The MPPT Solar Controller uses maximum power point tracking to extract maximum power from the solar array for battery charging. The maximum power point tracking is completely automatic and does not require user adjustment. As the maximum power point of the array changes with environmental conditions, the controller automatically tracks the maximum power point of the array, ensuring that the maximum energy of the day is captured from the solar array.

In most cases, maximum power point tracking technology will "increase" the charging current of the solar power system. For example, a system might have 8 amps of current flowing from the solar array into the MPPT solar controller and 10 amps flowing from the MPPT solar controller to the battery. MPPT solar controller does not produce current! The energy input to the MPPT Solar Controller equals the output energy.

Factors that limit the maximum power point tracking controller efficiency. The Vmp of a solar PV array decreases as the temperature of the array increases. In hot weather, Vmp may be close to or below the battery voltage. In this case, the MPPT solar controller will have little or no energy to obtain compared to conventional controllers. However, as long as the nominal voltage of the system PV module is higher than the battery voltage, the Vmp of the PV module will always be higher than the battery voltage. In addition, the MPPT solar controller offers significant advantages even in hot weather due to reduced cabling current and reduced cabling.

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