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Principles of photovoltaic power generation
Small knowledge of photovoltaic power generation 2017-07-06 16:39:23

Energy is the most important factor restricting economic development, and the recent global energy crisis has forced the world countries are actively developing new energy sources. In this large background situation, a variety of new energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and bio-energy and other rapid development. Which solar energy with its unique advantage are the world's research hot spots.

However, the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells is low, and the cost of installation is limited. The rapid development of photovoltaic power generation is limited. At present, the use of solar tracking photovoltaic power generation system can improve power generation efficiency and reduce costs. So get it extensive research.

A photovoltaic cell is a solid state that converts sunlight directly into electrical energy using the electronic properties of a semiconductor material device. It can be divided into many types of silicon photovoltaic cells, compounds, semiconductor photovoltaic cells two categories.

Wherein the silicon photovoltaic cell comprises a monocrystalline silicon, a polycrystalline silicon, an amorphous silicon cell, a compound semiconductor photovoltaic cell comprising. Arsenic gallium photovoltaic cells and so on. In the practical application of, is the most widely used monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells.

When the appropriate wavelength of sunlight to the photovoltaic cell when the photovoltaic cells absorb light energy at both ends of the generation Electromotive force. This phenomenon is called photovoltaic effect. If both ends of the generated electromotive force are connected to the load , then the load. There is "light current" flow, to obtain power output. So that the sun's light can become directly into the can be put into practical power.

In practical applications, photovoltaic cell unit output power is relatively small, generally not alone as a power supply. To put each unit for string, parallel and packaged into a photovoltaic cell components, power is generally a few watts, tens of watts or even hundreds of watts of photovoltaic components need to be more string, parallel after the formation of photovoltaic cells array (referred to as photovoltaic array), output power up to several hundred watts, several kilowatts or greater power. With the traditional fire power hair electric way compared, it has no rotating part, no gas discharge, no noise, is pollution-free hair electrical system.

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