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Roof PV Power Station 2018-06-05 08:54:15

Installation of pv roof need to meet the conditions

1.A clear roof or roof property rights

Users of pv systems need to have independent access to the roof. Therefore, the independent roof of the rural areas, villa residents are relatively easy to install; for multi-storey or above the roof of residential roofs, is a public area, not belonging to a single household, the owners of the entire building have the right to use common ownership, want Building a power plant above it requires the consent of the owner of the entire building.

2.The roof is in good condition

For example, before and after no shelter, light is good, the roof has sufficient load bearing.

Blocking caused by many factors, may be between floors, may be vegetation, may be between components. Do not underestimate the hazards of shelter, components have been blocked for a long time, affecting the power generation capacity, yield recovery period longer.

3.Home pv power plant installation roof will leak

Leakage really is the process of installing pv power plants need to pay attention to the problem, waterproof work well, the pv power plant was safe. Normally now the normal construction and installation process, will not damage the waterproof roof, and additional waterproofing, but to enhance the waterproof.

The PV bracket is mounted on the roof to support the components, connected to the roof. It is designed to use more top-top way, not the original waterproofing of the roof perforation, destruction; briquetting using prefabricated components, will not be cast on the spot. This approach avoids the solar stent installation of the roof waterproofing layer of the hard damage.

Which type of roof is suitable for installing pv

1.Flat roof

It is time-saving and labor-saving, simple and generous, can be used as a venue for activities, as a drying place, but flat roof drainage slow, easy to produce leakage, at the same time in summer, the house is not the general heat.

Flat roof installation of pv power plant is the biggest advantage of adiabatic cooling, to know that the installation of a pv power plant can be cooled 5 ~ 7 degrees, the effect is very obvious, and for flat roof generally used in the form of cement piers + pv support, in order to ensure the power generation, But also according to the geographical location of different regions, combined with the actual situation, to determine the best angle, in order to ensure that the front components do not block the rear components, there should be space between the two rows of components.

2.Ramp roof

Ramp roof generally more beautiful, due to the larger roof gradient, easy to rule out the rain, and the construction is simple and easy maintenance, in wet areas, generally take this roof form.

Ramp roof installation PV power station will not affect the aesthetics of the house, but also make the roof become high-tech.

Advantages of building integration effect is obvious, that is to say with the roof is take, roof installation of pv power plants do not need to increase the slope bracket, calculate the angle. When installing, it can be laid according to the tilt angle of the roof itself. At the same time, the installation capacity is not affected by the area. For example, if the flat roof is installed with 3KW, it needs 30m2 area and 20m2 roof. Due to the large slope, but also play a self-cleaning power plant.

3.Flat roof

Combining the first two roof forms, it also combines the advantages of the first two roofs to enrich the building's appearance while simplifying building construction.

The features of flat roof rooftop PV power station are similar to those of the first two. However, the form is more flexible and can be installed and insulated above the flat roof and can also be laid on the roof of the slope.

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