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wind solar hybrid controller
Protection mode of solar controller
Protection mode of solar controller 2017-03-28 11:07:19

1. Direct charge protection point voltage

Direct charge also called emergency charge. It is fast charge, and usually use high current and high voltage charge up the battery when the battery voltage is low. But there is a control point, also known as Protection Point. That is the value of the table. When charging the battery terminal voltage higher than the protection value, you should stop charging. Direct charge protection point voltage is generally Overcharge Protection Point Voltage. The battery voltage can not be higher than the protection point when charging the battery , otherwise it will cause overcharge, the battery is damaged.

PV solar charge controller

2. Charge control point voltage

After the end of direct charge, the battery will be charged and discharged controller for some time, so that the voltage naturally fall. When the fall to the "recovery voltage" value, it will enter the charge state. Why should the design of the charge is that when the direct charge is completed, there may be individual batteries "backward" (terminal voltage is relatively low), in order to pull these individual molecules back, so that all the battery voltage is uniform, so it is necessary with a high voltage coupled with a moderate current and then charge a little time. It’s called balanced charge. The charged time should not be too long, usually for a few minutes to ten minutes. The setting time is more long, the damage is more badly. For a small system equipped with two batteries, it is not need to setting balanced charge. Therefore, the street lamp controller is generally not full charge, only two stages.

3. Float control point voltage

The battery will be standing for some time after the general charge is completed, so that the end voltage naturally fall. It entered the float state when the drop to the maintenance voltage point. That’s similar to Juan Flow Charge, same as a small current charge. The voltage of battery is low, the current to charge a little. Slowing charge can avoid the battery temperature continues to rise. which is very useful for the battery . Because the internal temperature of the battery charge and discharge have a great impact. In fact, the PWM charging is mainly designed to stabilize the battery terminal voltage. This is a very scientific charge management system. Specifically, at the end of the charge, it is necessary to reduce the charging current when the remaining capacity of the battery is greater than 80%, to prevent excessive release (oxygen, hydrogen and acid gas) due to overcharging.

4. Over discharge protection Termination voltage

This is a easy understanding point. Which is the provisions of the national standard, battery discharge can not be lower than this quantitative value. Although the battery manufacturers have their own protection parameters, but ultimately to close to the national standard. It should be noted that, for safety reasons, the general 12V battery over the protection point voltage plus 0.3v as a temperature compensation or control circuit zero drift correction, so 12V battery over discharge protection voltage is 11.10v, then 24V system over discharge protection point voltage is 22.20V.

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