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Principles of photovoltaic power generation
Principles of photovoltaic power generation 2017-04-07 11:46:06

Photovoltaic power generation is a technique that utilizes the photovoltage effect of the semiconductor interface to convert light energy directly into electrical energy. Mainly by the solar panels (components), the controller and the inverter composed of three major components, the main components from the electronic components. Solar cells through the series after the package protection can form a large area of the solar cell components, and then with the power controller and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device.

Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

The main principle of photovoltaic power generation is the photoelectric effect of the semiconductor. When the photon is irradiated onto the metal, its energy can be absorbed by an electron in the metal, and the energy absorbed by the electrons is large enough to overcome the internal gravity of the metal and leave the metal surface to escape and become optoelectronics. Silicon atoms have four outer electrons, if the pure silicon doped with five atoms in the outer layer of atoms such as phosphorus atoms, become N-type semiconductor; if the pure silicon doped with three atoms in the outer electrons such as Boron atoms to form P-type semiconductors. When the P-type and N-type together, the contact surface will form a potential difference, a solar cell. When the sunlight is irradiated to the P-N junction, the holes move from the P-polar region to the N-polar region, and the electrons move from the N-polar region to the P-polar region to form a current.

Photoelectric effect is the light to uneven semiconductor or semiconductor and metal bonding between the different parts of the phenomenon of potential difference. It is first by the photon (light wave) into electrons, light energy into electrical energy process; Secondly, the formation of voltage process.

Polycrystalline silicon through ingots, spindles, slices and other procedures, the production of silicon wafer to be processed. Doping and diffusion of trace amounts of boron, phosphorus, etc. on the silicon wafer, the formation of P-N junction. And then use screen printing, will be fine with a good silver paste printed on the wafer made of wire, after sintering, and made the back electrode, and in the grid with a layer of anti-reflective coating, the battery chip on Made to this point. The battery packs are assembled into battery packs to form a large circuit board. Usually in the package around the aluminum frame, the front cover the glass, the reverse installation of the electrode. With the battery components and other auxiliary equipment, you can form a power generation system. In order to convert DC to AC, it is necessary to install a current converter. Power can be stored after the battery can also be imported into the public grid. Power system costs, the battery components accounted for about 50%, current converters, installation costs, other ancillary components and other costs accounted for another 50%.

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