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opportunity and challenge
opportunity and challenge 2017-04-07 11:30:30

Renewable energy project is more and more attention by people, with theincreasing depletion of global warming and fossil energy,especially the photovoltaic power generation industry, with developed countries have introduced photovoltaic power tariff, India and China and other emerging countries have also increased investment in financial subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic industry have good opportunities for development,also face challenges, in the face of numerous capital and scale of the strength of the competition challenge, as a photovoltaic equipment manufacturer, how to win the competition in the market,  is a  urgent problem need to solve by Anhui JNGE power company.

Mini Mobile Solar Power System

Based on the research of the marketing strategy, combined with the analysis of Anhui JNGE power company internal and external environment, with the opportunities and threats of the company’s advantages and disadvantages, analyzed and summarized, put forward Anhui JNGE power company  through the implementation of effective marketing strategy to participate in market competition, in order to play its advantages, and avoid disadvantages.

How to implement the marketing strategy, this article mainly from the product innovation strategy, the brand marketing strategy, the price strategy, the channel strategy and so on four aspects to carry on the research to the Anhui JNGE power company. In the implementation of specific marketing strategy, combined with the actual situation of the company, the paper proposes to change the organizational structure to adapt to the new marketing system, optimizing customer marketing service system; implement product innovation strategy to overcome obstacles; to enhance the ability of innovation; the implementation of brand marketing strategy to overcome the obstacles; strengthen capacity building and strengthening marketing the construction of enterprise culture innovation.

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