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wind solar hybrid controller
Main differences between the MPPT and the traditional solar controller 2017-06-26 16:17:57

The MPPT controller for the solar charge discharge controller, is used in solar power generation system, the control of multiple solar array on the automatic control equipment of battery and battery for solar inverter load power supply. It is a traditional solar charging and discharging controller. Today we compare the difference between the MPPT solar controller and the traditional solar controller to find out why it can replace the traditional solar controller.


Solar charge controller traditional gearbox is like manual, when the engine speed is increased, if the transmission gear without a corresponding increase, is bound to affect the speed. But for the traditional controller, charging parameters are set in the factory before, that is, the MPPT controller will power the largest real-time tracking of solar panels, to play the maximum effect of solar panels. The higher the voltage, the maximum power tracking, you can output more power, thereby improving the charging efficiency.


Theory, the solar power generation system using MPPT controller will be 50% higher than the efficiency of the traditional, but according to our practical tests, due to the impact of the surrounding environment and energy losses, the final efficiency can be increased by 20%-30%. In this sense, MPPT solar charging and discharging controller, is bound to eventually replace the traditional solar controller.

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