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Photovoltaic Power Generation
Lightning Protection Device 2017-12-07 17:13:42

The main part of the photovoltaic power generation system is installed in the open state, and the distribution of large area, components and brackets are conductors, the lightning has a considerable attraction, so there is a direct and indirect lightning damage. At the same time, the photovoltaic power generation system and the relevant electrical equipment and buildings have a direct connection, so the lightning system will also involve the relevant equipment and buildings and electricity load. In order to avoid lightning damage to the photovoltaic power generation system, you need to set the lightning protection and grounding system for protection.

Lightning is a kind of atmospheric discharge phenomenon. In the process of cloud rain formation, some of its part of the accumulation of positive charge, the other part of the accumulation of negative charge, when the accumulation of these charges to a certain extent, it will produce a discharge phenomenon, the formation of lightning. Lightning is divided into direct lightning and lightning. Direct lightning is directly down the PV square, DC power distribution system, electrical equipment and wiring, etc., as well as the surrounding nearby lightning. Direct lightning strike there are two ways: one is said above directly on the photovoltaic matrix and other discharge, so that most of the high-energy lightning current is introduced to the building or equipment, the line; the other is lightning directly through the lightning rod, etc. can be directly Transmission of lightning into the ground device discharge, making the ground potential instantaneous increase, a large part of the lightning current through the protection of ground wire into the equipment, on the line.

Inductive mines are lightning strikes that occur in the vicinity of the buildings, equipment and lines, causing overvoltage to the buildings, equipment and lines that are in the form of static induction or electromagnetic induction. To the relevant electronic equipment and lines, the equipment, the line caused harm.

For large-scale or installed in the open field, mountain photovoltaic power generation systems, especially lightning-prone areas, must be equipped with lightning protection grounding device.

Surge protection device is an indispensable device for lightning protection in electronic equipment. The role of the surge protector is to flee into the power line, the instantaneous overvoltage of the signal transmission line is limited to the voltage range that the device or system can withstand, or the powerful lightning current is drained into the ground to protect the protected equipment or system from Impact and damage. The following is the main technical parameters of the commonly used arrester for photovoltaic power generation system.

(1) Maximum continuous operating voltage Ucpv: This voltage value indicates the maximum voltage that can be applied across the arrester. At this voltage, the arrester must be able to work properly and can not fail. At the same time, the voltage is continuously loaded on the arrester and does not change the operating characteristics of the arrester.

(2) Rated discharge current (In): also known as the nominal discharge current, refers to the arrester can withstand 8 / 20μs lightning current waveform peak current.

(3) Maximum discharge current Imax: The maximum impulse current peak that the protector is resistant to when the standard lightning wave is applied to the protector for 8 / 20ms.

(4) Voltage protection level Up (In): Maximum value of the protector in the following tests: 1KV / ms slope of the flashover voltage; rated discharge current residual voltage.

Surge protector uses a very good non-linear characteristics of the varistor, under normal circumstances, the surge protector outside the very high resistance state, leakage is almost zero, to ensure the normal power supply system. When an overvoltage occurs in the power supply system, the surge protector turns on quickly within a nanosecond time, limiting the magnitude of the overvoltage to the safe operating range of the device. While the energy of the overvoltage is released. Subsequently, the protector and quickly become high impedance state, which does not affect the normal power supply system.

In addition to lightning can produce surge voltage and current, the high-power circuit in the closed and off the moment, the inductive load and capacitive load connected or disconnect the moment, large-scale power systems or transformers and other disconnected will also produce Larger switching surge voltage and current, the same will be related equipment, lines and other hazards. Low-power inverter DC input, in order to prevent the induction of lightning, adding varistors, such as SFV20D series of varistors, the maximum discharge current up to 10kVA, the basic to meet the needs of home photovoltaic lightning protection system.

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