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wind solar hybrid controller
It is predicted that Japan will install 13.2GW to 14.3GW PV this year 2017-02-24 15:55:38

This is almost two times the forecast given by Solar Frontier internal analysts, and is expected to be higher than several other Japanese institutions. However, RTS PV, an analyst at Hiroshi in Tokyo,, was also interviewed and said it could be difficult to make forecasts for the 2016 fiscal year ended March 2017.

Although in the UK and other markets, tariff subsidies and other subsidies on the grid to be certified, but in Japan, the project has now been approved by the direct application process of economic and trade industry.

The day before the project has received certification tariff subsidies but not the building of developers to implement the deadline. These developers, not sure the amount of installed capacity, but that at least tens of gigawatts by April 2017, must produce a grid connection agreement valid evidence, otherwise it will lose its rights in tariffs. Matsukawa said that this could lead to a similar year in the UK to see the last quarter of the project sprint sprint, which makes it difficult to accurately predict the future activities of the Japanese market in one year and two months.

After 2017, the market may decline next year to install 9.8GW to 12.4GW and gradually reduced".

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