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Indian Solar Power Generation 2017-12-07 17:10:42

Recently, a study found that millions of people each year in India due to smoke and dust and illness, but also to reduce solar power generation more than 25%, far beyond the previous expectations.

In the first study, scientists in the United States and India measured the floating particles in the air and the dust deposited on the solar panels. They found that this pollution could lead to a sharp decline in power generation, which seriously damaged the sun into energy the role of.

At the current level of India, the loss of energy is about 3900 megawatts, equivalent to its largest solar power plant power generation - 2.5 million solar panels with a giant solar power plant.

Experts say these huge losses will increase as India achieves its ambitious solar ambitions.

India is the world's third largest polluting country; it is expected to solar energy for hundreds of millions of poor people to provide electricity.

At the Paris Climate Summit in 2015, India is committed to cutting its future emissions and promises that at least 40 percent of its energy will come from renewable energy by 2030, which is a good goal.

The new solar panel installation is very fast, India is expected this year will be more than Japan, becoming the world's third largest solar market.

However, due to air pollution, the total amount of losses rose exponentially, said Mike Bergin, a professor at Duke University in North Carolina. "We're talking about billions of dollars," he told reporters.

In desert areas such as Rajasthan and Gujarat, dust has been a threat to solar projects where the deployment of robotic wipers ensures that solar panels remain clean after dust storms.

But this new study confirms that solar installers have long suspected that cars, coal and garbage are particularly affected by the amount of electricity generated, and that pollutants deposited on solar panels are much more dust than dust cleaning is more complicated.

This is particularly troublesome in northern India, where air micro particles from human activities have much greater impact on air quality than dust.

VinayRutagi, director of India's solar consulting firm Bridge to India, says Delhi's roof solar panels are one of the most polluted cities in the world, generating less than 30 percent of the same project than 40 kilometers.

"The reason is sustained haze, pollution and high dust." "There is a lot of practical evidence in this regard."

But because of the Indian solar industry has experienced unprecedented prosperity, people are not interested in pessimistic prediction.

In this optimism, the new milestone is being carried out at a dizzying pace.

In the south-east of Andhra Pradesh, a close-up giant solar park will compete with the world's largest solar park.

In May this year, the wholesale price of solar energy fell to a record low, much lower than the coal-powered power price.

Dr. Andre Noblemen made his own point of view on the impact of solar energy on the results of his research at a solar summit held in Delhi last month. "People do not pay enough attention," said Noble, director of operations and maintenance at Clearance Solar, a Singapore-based clean technology company, which has invested heavily in India.

"They may have a feeling, but they may think the impact is negligible." Air pollution is seen as "a huge macro problem", the industry is worried about the collapse of solar energy prices and obstacles to the grid connection. VivekBhardwaj, India's head of sales at JinkoSolar, a Chinese PV maker, told reporters that the company is selling a coating that is resistant to dust and other dirt.

However, the haze blocked the sun, bringing a more dangerous effect: 2015, India, the number of premature death of haze steadily climbed to 1.1 million.

Ghoroi said policymakers should be encouraged to redouble their efforts to manage haze. "Now we have identified air pollution as one of the culprits ..." If we solve this problem, we will work together to solve both power generation and pollution problems. "

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