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How to integrate the integration of photovoltaic building 2017-08-25 17:08:06

Photovoltaic building, has become a contemporary architectural beauty, but in the actual design of building integrated photovoltaic installation process, need to consider many factors and requirements, if we do not pay attention to or ignored, will not achieve the desired effect.

What factors and requirements should be taken into account in the design of photovoltaic building integration system

First, the requirements of photovoltaic array layout.

We all know that building construction and installation of photovoltaic power generation, not in order to highlight the personality, more than fashion, in most cases the user is to photovoltaic power generation and create more revenue, so the photovoltaic building in the design of the time to maximize profits from the angle of design and installation. For a specific location of the building, with the integration or integration of photovoltaic panels on the roof and walls, the solar radiation can receive a certain.

In order to obtain more solar energy, photovoltaic array arrangement as far as possible toward the sun light incidence direction, such as can be installed on the roof of the south, Southeast and southwest, if the area is limited, can be installed in the East and West direction. It is worth mentioning that taking into account the surrounding environment of the building, as far as possible to avoid or away from the shelter. As we all know that the PV array occlusion for photovoltaic system is fatal, occlusion is not only affected by the power generation capacity of the plant, revenue, but also affect the life of the power plant.

Three, the number of components and the arrangement of the requirements.

According to the size of the component area, the number and arrangement of the components that can be installed in each roof can be determined. Due to the different orientation of each roof, a roof generally requires one or several inverters, the design of a group of series inverter structure, in order to improve the efficiency of the inverter.

When the user understand the content, the system design and installation time and pay attention to, so the design of the building can not only exist in the sense of beauty, but also to ensure that the user's income.

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