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How to choose solar panel and bracket 2017-08-04 09:02:01

1. solar panel (component) selection

Solar cells currently on the market are divided into amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Among them, crystalline silicon can be divided into polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon. From the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the three materials are: monocrystalline silicon (up to 17%) > polysilicon (12 ~ 15%) > amorphous silicon (about 5%). Crystalline silicon (monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon) basically does not produce current in poor light, and amorphous silicon has a weak light (which is less energy in low light). Therefore, in general, it is better to use monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell materials, and consider monocrystalline silicon material is expensive, so generally choose polysilicon materials. If a polysilicon solar panel with power of about 250W is selected, a 5KW system requires 20 panels.

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2.brackets selection

Solar photovoltaic support is a special bracket in solar photovoltaic power generation system for display, installation and fixed solar panel design. The general material has aluminum alloy, stainless steel, after hot-dip galvanizing process, longer service life. There are two main types of brackets: stationary and automatic tracking. Currently on the market part of the fixed bracket can also make some adjustments according to the seasonal variation of solar light, just like the installation of solar panels, each plane can be adjusted by moving the fasteners, inclined to adapt to different light angle, again through the fastening of the solar cell panel is fixed accurately at the specified location. The automatic tracking type solar energy bracket has a rotating device which can adjust the angle as the sunflower rotates with the sun, and the utilization rate of the light energy is high, but the relative cost is relatively high. In China, solar panels generally face south, and users can choose to use stationary brackets. It is a good choice to automatically track the sun support without considering the cost.

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