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China's renewable energy generation industry waste electricity in the rise 2017-05-24 15:56:01

Greenpeace says China's waste of renewable energy is enough to power Beijing for a whole year Greenpeace, despite its commitment to correct the problem of waste renewable energy, is still rising sharply in the country's solar and wind power industries last year, Greenpeace said on Wednesday.

China is committed to improving the construction of transmission lines and renewable energy generation "rhythm" to avoid when there is not enough transmission lines to absorb renewable energy projects generated by the power of the scene when the phenomenon of abandoned electricity. But Greenpeace says China's wind rate has risen from 8% in 2014 to just over $17% last year, with Gansu's wind up as high as $43% last year. These wind power can not be integrated into the grid in 2015, the Chinese capital to power a year.

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2015 to 2016, China's solar power waste rate increased by 50%, of which Gansu and Xinjiang, more than 30% of solar energy is not incorporated into the grid. Greenpeace said Wednesday that the growing waste has reduced the industry's revenue by 34 billion 100 million yuan from 2015 to 2016.

In China, many areas only wind and solar power as the peak power supply backup power, leading to the latter after the decline in electricity consumption in idle state. With China's emphasis on building UHV transmission lines across the country, the construction of power grids (which produce renewable energy) has lagged behind. China needs to upgrade the grid. Data show that in the renewable energy base in Zhangjiakou, wind and solar power installed capacity has been more than 4 times the capacity of the local power grid.

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