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America's governors urged Trump support the development of wind power and solar energy 2017-02-20 18:13:17

Some U.S. republican and democratic governors joint urged President Trump support the development of renewable energy, say wind and solar energy industry is vital to the economy of rural poverty.

Composed of the governor of wind and solar energy alliance has submitted a letter to the White House this week about requirements, increased federal funding to implement local grid modernization and promote clean energy research.The group also calls for legislation to promote the development of offshore wind power, and simplify the approval process of wind and solar energy projects.

The motion is the Trump’s criticism of renewable energy and a lot of American companies and the position of the party split in the latest sign.Since the election Trump, Illinois and Michigan's republican governor, signed a support for wind and solar energy legislation.Issued a statement last month, more than 600 us companies, urged not to quit Paris Trump climate agreement, saying it will lead to trillions of dollars of investment.


Kansas republican governor Sam Brownback and Rhode Island's democratic governor Gina Raimondo on behalf of the eight republican governor and 12 democratic governor wrote: "since" homestead act "by more than 150 years ago, the United States of wind and solar energy resources are in an unprecedented situation changing the low-income rural areas.

The White House website published Trump's "America first" energy plan, plan is put forward in order to enlarge the production of coal, oil and natural gas, but made no mention of renewable energy.He didn't once mocked wind energy and solar energy economy.

Although President Trump the lack of enthusiasm for clean energy, but the support he was elected the backbone of the industry has brought many rural welfare.According to a report in the fourth quarter of the American wind energy association, rural owner to wind farm developers to rent land revenues of more than $245 million a year.Letter said, solar company employs more than ten thousand people last year, most of the new facilities are located in rural areas.

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