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wind solar hybrid controller
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1KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW high power wind solar hybrid controller(with unloading box and PWM charge)24V/48V/96V

High power Wind solar hybrid charge controller 12v/24v/48v/96v, wind turbine 1KW -5KW ,solar panel power 300w-1kw

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    hefei China
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    3 YEARS
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The wind/solar hybrid controller is the intelligent power with integration of controlling . It can store electrical power generated by the wind turbine and solar panels into the storage battery.

The controller not only has perfect appearance, LCD display and convenient operation, but also has over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, over-hot protection, under-voltage protection, pole-confusion protection for storage battery and automatic dump-load function. The controller is adopted the constant voltage charging mode-PWM, and it has high reliable and safe operation, high efficiency, long service life functions. Whats more, it adopts the American origin Micro-controller as a control core component with reliable. And the Power device, the use of the high quality German XYIS imported devices. Through a large number of practice has proved that the system safe, stable and reliable operation, long service life. High performance/cost ratio.

Product Advantages:

1.PWM uninstall: PWM (pulse width modulation) method for unloading, which can reach thousands of magnitude of unloading. So, in the normal unloading situation, to ensure battery voltage is always stable in floating charge pressure points, but only to release excess electricity into unloading on the load. Thus guarantees the best battery charging features, make full use of the electricity, and ensure the service life of the battery.

2.Many kinds of charging modes: adopts the PWM fast charging method.

The battery reverse connect protection function: the equipment is perfect the battery reverse connect protection function, such as the battery positive and negative polarity, the controller will ban the start, in order to avoid damage to the battery and equipment.


3.Short circuit protection function: controller internal using unidirectional power supply circuit, short circuit, or reverse connection of the controller will not be able to start.


4.Overheating protection function: in addition to the unloading resistance is equipped with a cooling fan, inside the other equipped with dedicated circuit cooling system, when the temperature reaches set point will start the forced air cooling system.


5. High stability: because the system has over voltage, under voltage, overload, overheating and short circuit, reverse connection, lightning protection, battery open circuit protection, PWM unload and perfect protection functions such as over-voltage automatic brake, so as to ensure the stability of the system.


6.Wind/solar charge control: simple structure, convenient maintenance.


7.Wind and photovoltaic (PV) separate control, wind adopts PWM method uninstall, photovoltaic unload by way of open circuit.


8.LCD + LED display parameters such as battery voltage, charge current,discharge current and so on


9.Digital intelligent control: The machine is adopted Microcomputer chip as its core component to ensures accurate control, which also makes the peripheral circuit structure simply. It has agile control way and control strategy with high function and reliability.


General Safety Information

  • Before installation, please read all the instructions in the manual and matters needing attention.
  • Inside the controller did not have maintenance or repair parts, users do not need disassembly and repair the controller itself.
  • Before the installation and adjustment of controller wiring be sure to disconnect the cell attachment and near the battery terminals of insurance or circuit breaker.
  • Suggestions on the outside of the controller installed appropriate fuse or circuit breaker.
  • Prevent water entering inside the controller.
  • After installation, check all wiring connections are tight, avoid heat accumulation due to the empty pick up and produce risk.

Wind turbine power 1KW-3KW solar panel power 300W -3KW

Product Parameters:

Model No.







Wind turbine power


















Solar max power

















Over-charge voltage






Over-charge recovery voltage






Method of control


Free-load lost power


Voltage lost on charging


Voltage lost on discharge


Environment temperature

-25 -  +55

Shape Dimension


Dump-load Dimension


Net Weight


Cooling Way

Cooling Fan

wind solar hybrid controller 1000w

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Subject : 1KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW high power wind solar hybrid controller(with unloading box and PWM charge)24V/48V/96V

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