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What factors need to be considered for choosing a solar street light controller


With the development of national new energy strategy, solar street lights are more and more applications, widely used in rural areas, scenic spots and other applications. There are a wide variety of solar street light controllers in the market. What factors need to be considered for choosing a solar street light controller?

1. The output type of the controller.

Currently ,the solar street light controller output voltage in the market is generally divided into three categories:Step-up constant-current controller with LED lamp driver, general output controller, step-down constant current controller with LED driver.

which one to choose, according to the user to use the LED light type to determine. If the LED lights without a drive, you must select the controller with LED light drive, according to the number of LE lamp beads arranged to select the boost or buck type of solar charge and discharge controller. If the LED lights with drive, you only need the normal output of the controller.

Note: The normal output of the controller that means the controller output voltage is equal to the battery voltage.

2. The voltage of the battery.

The current solar street lamp battery voltage is generally divided into 12V or 24V.

General low-power LED lights to choose 12V battery (<50W), the high power of the street lights to choose 24V, which can effectively reduce the line loss, of course, the battery voltage specifications also with the solar panel and load a relationship. If the solar panels and LED lights have been identified, then the battery specifications must also be suitable for their specifications.

3. If the solar street light controller load mode is able to meet customer design requirements.

Now the street lamp controller operating mode are generally: pure light control, light control + time control, manual mode. Different controllers have some differences and must be carefully confirmed.

4. Maximum load output power

You must confirm that the user's LED power can not exceed the maximum output power of the controller. Power is too large to cause overload protection or overheating

5. Street lamp work mode settings,.

Generally set the button or infrared remote control settings, according to the user's actual requests to choose

6.Appearance requirements.

Street lamp controller installed in the outdoors, and is all-weather work, must have a moisture, water, corrosion resistance, the current mainstream aluminum alloy shell, the internal perfusion treatment.


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