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To cope with climate change, developing clean energy is the only way


To cope with climate change, developing clean energy is the only way

In recent years, with the large-scale exploitation of fossil energy in the global scope, leading to environmental pollution, climate change and other issues have become increasingly prominent, extreme weather events, summer drought and flood prone, brought a serious impact on the development of all countries. As a major challenge facing the sustainable development of human society, climate change has attracted more and more attention from the international community, and the development of clean energy has become a common choice in the world to deal with climate change.

 The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) latest assessment report on global climate change indicates that the average surface temperature is higher than before the industrial revolution increased by 0.79 degrees, and in the future, will also accelerate the trend of serious global warming trend has become an indisputable fact.

 As the world's largest consumer of energy and one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China bears an irreplaceable task in tackling the world's climate change. In recent years, under the pressure of environmental pollution and economic transformation and upgrading, China has made positive achievements and has made remarkable achievements in tackling climate change. In 2014, China's energySolar Power system consumption per unit of GDP and carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 29.9% and 33.8% respectively over 2005. Such achievements benefit from the unremitting efforts in the field of clean energy. At present, China's hydropower, wind power installation and nuclear power construction scale are all the first in the world, and the PV assembly is expected to rank first in the world this year.

 In June this year, China government submitted its national climate change independent contribution to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change secretary office (INDC) file "to strengthen climate change action -- Chinese national independent contribution", to determine the 2030 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP fell 60% in 2005 to 65%, non fossil energy accounted for a proportion of energy consumption 20% new target.

 Affected by energy resources endowment, China's energy consumption is dominated by coal, and clean energy accounts for a lower proportion of primary energy consumption. Some experts predict that if you want to reach the goal of commitment to the United Nations, in the period from 2016 to 2030, new nuclear power installed capacity of 100 million kilowatts of hydropower installed capacity of 150 million kilowatts, solar power installed capacity of 300 million kilowatts and 400 million kilowatts of wind power capacity, the formation of a huge system of low carbon industrial development. Therefore, it is the only way for China to tackle climate change and realize sustainable development by vigorously developing clean energy and doing a good job of clean utilization of traditional energy resources.

 We should give priority to the development of clean energy from the strategy of national sustainable development and energy security. In recent years, although clean energy has made rapid progress in China, the key problem of restricting industrial development, such as "abandoning the wind", "abandoning the light" and "abandoning the water", has not been solved. In future work, on the one hand to increase the UHV power transmission channel construction, strengthen regional interconnection, expand the consumption range; one should explore new energy base in use, and in electricity intensive, high power load of the eastern region to develop distributed generation. In addition, we should accelerate the development of clean energy applications market. The parking spaces of newly built commercial houses shall be equipped with charging power supply, and charging piles shall be built in public places.

 Efforts should be made to promote clean and efficient utilization of coal. From the actual situation of our country, coal, as the main channel to ensure the stable supply of national energy security, is still difficult to change in the short term. In the development of clean energy at the same time, to minimize the effect of coal resource development on the ecological environment, get rid of excessive exploitation of backward mining methods, change the backward technology, low efficiency, serious environmental pollution, backward use, implementation of washing, circulation and consumption of whole process management, relying on scientific and technological innovation, strengthen supervision, reduce the use of coal pollution emissions, promote the coal industry chain green and clean and efficient use of safe mining


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