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The US Department of Defense plans to continue to develop green energy program to continue.


US President Donald Trump and his senior adviser laughed at the US government's support for the development of green energy, and Trump's chief strategist called it "crazy", according to Reuters on March 1. A senior US military officer said the US government, the largest government agency, plans to convert high fuel equipment to renewable energy in a decade under the new government.

Reported that the US military to promote the development of green energy and climate change on the white-hot debate has nothing to do, but because in the theater, green energy can reduce the risk of soldiers vulnerable to attack the generators to transport diesel fuel needs, to save lives. Mobile solar power devices can let soldiers quietly through the enemy territory and not be found. The US military's enthusiasm for renewable energy has had a broad impact on energy contractors, creating hundreds of millions of dollars for solar companies and helping the US reduce fuel consumption.

According to a report released by the US Department of Defense, the US Armed Forces' use of renewable energy during the 2011-2015 period has increased nearly doubled to 1.0534 trillion British thermal units, enough to power about 286,000 US homes.

Reported data show that the US military renewable energy projects in the number of 2011 to 2015 increased by nearly twice, up to 1390, some utilities and solar energy companies benefit. Many of these projects are carried out in the United States, where renewable energy can ensure that the military in the natural disaster or attack (or power grid attack) makes the public grid failure, to maintain their own independent power supply.

It is reported that although Trump has abolished the solar subsidy policy, questioned the scientific reasons behind climate change, and vowed to promote the development of fossil fuels, but the US military leaders still believe that the president will not prevent them from developing renewable energy.

"We look forward to the green energy project being able to continue during the tenure of Trump," said Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Kanser, director of the Air Force Asset Management Division, which is responsible for US logistics, engineering and force protection. Irrelevant. "

US Navy, Air Force and other senior military officials also told Reuters that they expect the renewable energy program to continue.


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