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The trend of integrated solar street light


With the national new energy-saving environmental protection social recommendation, solar street lights gradually replace the city lights, this energy-saving products are very subject to people's attention, and with the development of solar street lights, integrated solar street lights are gradually being well-known, What is the integrated solar street light? It’s relative to the split solar street light, just put the battery, batteries, solar street light controller, LED light source into one, made of a lamp, and then configure the pole or pick the arm installation.

What are the advantages of integrated solar street lights?

This lamp is to install more convenient, it can be said to be a fool-type installation, if you can use the screw then you can installation, eliminating the need for the traditional split solar street lights need to install the battery bracket, lamp holder installation, production of battery pit and other steps, saving labor costs and construction costs.

In addition, the integrated solar street lights also has the following advantages: solar energy to provide electricity conversion, inexhaustible;

2. environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation; no electric shock, fire and other accidents;

4.convenient: easy to install, do not need to wire or belly dig construction, power outage no worry;

5.long life: high technology products, control systems, accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality;

6.high grade: technology products, green energy, the use of units emphasis on science and technology, improve the green image, improve the grade;

7.less investment: one-time investment and exchange equivalent (AC investment from substation, into the power, control box, cable, engineering), an investment, long-term use;

8.Widely used: Solar energy comes from nature, so it can be used in any place with sunshine, especially for green landscape lamp, residential and outdoor lighting, coastal landscape lighting and decoration of tourist attractions, industrial development zone, street lighting for industrial and mining enterprises, Major institutions outdoor lighting


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