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The difference between modified sine wave inverter and pure sine wave inverter


Inverter is generally divided into pure sine wave and the modified sine wave, the industry generally use  pure sine wave, and the pure sine wave have high frequency and low frequency two types. The principle of selection of inverter is based on the characteristics of the load to determine the resistance of the load (such as incandescent bulbs) with the modified wave, inductive load (such as motor) with pure sine wave inverter. The price difference between the two inverters. If the inverter 1000VA is his power value, the value of an inverter belongs to the industrial level inverter can be used in communication base station, equipment room, stability is relatively high, but the efficiency is not high frequency sine wave inverse transformer is high, its maximum output power is 1000VA (efficiency is 800W), but his pulse can withstand 1600 watts or more of the impact.

With the development of science and technology, the application of inverter is more and more widely, the market is also getting bigger and bigger, which attract some power suppliers into the inverter market, resulting in the quality of pure sine wave inverter:

modified wave inverter instead of the pure sine wave inverter, the modified wave inverter circuit is relatively simple, the product cost is low, but the correction wave inverter load capacity was very poor, very small, especially such as motor, printer, such as pump, it is easy to damage.

Pure sine wave inverter, no matter what kind of field is used in vehicles, ships, communications, electricity, or home, is a very strict product, the production process is very harsh. The inverter product technology research, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality certification products, products used in vehicle, ship, communications, power, or household products and other fields, has moisture-proof, anti shock and overload protection, short-circuit and so on.

About the pure sine wave inverter, some manufacturers cut process, also caused the decline of sine wave inverter quality, such as the internal circuit board must be moisture-proof treatment; housing must reach a certain thickness; low running noise; overload, short-circuit protection and alarm; thermal protection; self repair and aging strict in demands and so on.


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