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Some knowledge about Solar panels


Solar panel is a device that absorbs sunlight and converts solar radiation directly or indirectly into electrical energy by photoelectric effects or photochemical effects, which occupies an important position in solar power systems.c

There are some questions and answers about solar panels.

Q1. Why we test the current with a multimeter does not reach the nominal current?

A1. Because the short-circuit current is a measure of good or bad parameters of solar cells, this parameter can only be tested with a component tester, and the multimeter itself is the load, so the test parameters are working current, do not misunderstand. And the solar panel test conditions are 1000 watts / square meter illumination 25 degrees Celsius AM1.5 (atmospheric transparency) Our solar panels are tested under standard light intensity, is the theoretical concept, solar panels will be different according to the buyer area, the weather is good or bad And the degree of pollution will moderate decline.

Q2. Solar panels can drive more power appliances?

A2. This depends on the size of the battery capacity of the customer terminal and the inverter power, which has nothing to do with our solar panels, our solar panels are only responsible for charging your battery, it does not own electricity, the solar is responsible for charging the battery, Battery discharge to the electrical equipment, which is a charge and discharge process. Customers must understand some of the basic knowledge of electrical aspects, so as to go back to do DIY, if you do not understand these principles can study, the mind has a framework and the concept, or you may waste your valuable time.

Q3. Solar panels can use in cloudy day?

A3. The concept is very vague, cloudy depends on the intensity of light, if the light will have a weak current and voltage, but this and sunny light than a few hundred to several hundred times! In short, the stronger the light, The better the power generation, the weaker the light, the worse the effect.

Q4. It is OK to just use solar panels and do not use solar control?

A4. The best is to use the controller! No words, but also can, but it is to see how you use, the role of the controller is intelligent control of solar energy and battery and load the relationship between the protection of the battery to prevent overcharge, Protection, etc., and can intelligently control the load working time status, etc., refer to the controller manual. If you do not use the controller, there may be overcharge to the battery may be put, which will damage the battery, while over the battery life will have an impact. In addition, the controller load on the current requirements, 10A controller generally its load does not exceed 12A of the current, if the protection is no output. Correspondingly, 10A can bring 120W the following appliances, 20A can bring 240W the following appliances, 30A can bring 360W the following electrical appliances. Buyers can choose their own.

Q5. How to install solar panels properly?

A5. Make solar panels facing 12 o'clock in the direction of the sun and the ground was 30 - 45 degrees angle, should not be the board square on the ground, so that the power generation is very low.


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