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Solar issues of the Australian energy market operators


According to the Australian energy market operators (AEMO) said that the rapid growth of the roof photovoltaic applications in southwest Australia (solar charge controller), the electricity demand will peak to the sunset after a period of time.

The rooftop photovoltaic system is expected to reduce the peak demand for power in the southwestern region of 2016/17 (SWIS) in March 1st this year by 7.2% to 3.67GW, the lowest summer peak in eight years.

The figure comes from AEMO's 2017 electricity market development opportunity statement (ESOO) for the wholesale electricity market (WEM).

Executive general manager of Cameron Parrotte AEMO in Western Australia said: "solar roof (000591) the application of the system not only reduces the annual operating costs increased, while reducing daytime demand on the grid, will be transferred to the daily peak demand later."

The operator also expects strong growth trend of the roof installation system will continue, and further reduce the demand for electricity every day at noon.

Mr Parrotte said the situation would also lead to "late peak demand for electricity" after sunset every day, which is worth a rapid increase".

The resulting "duck shape curve" in the load model will further require the grid power to start and close more frequently, and the interval / duration is shorter. This means that thermal power providers will face higher operating costs and lower power demand, AEMO says.

"We need market and system reforms to ensure solar power system controller system security, and to ensure that the costs associated with the transition are minimal for consumers." Mr. Parrotte said.



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