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Solar energy 's great potential for development and application


As a kind of renewable energy, solar energy has great potential for development and application. Almost all of the natural resources on which human beings live depend on the conversion of solar energy. Solar energy is the most basic form of energy for the survival and development of human beings. From the development of modern science and technology, the development and utilization of solar energy technology may decide the future life style of human beings. Solar photovoltaic technology as the most meaningful use of solar energy technology, its development began in 1950s. With the global energy situation is tight, solar photovoltaic power generation as a sustainable alternative to conventional energy, in recent years has been developing rapidly, and the first in Germany and Japan's promotion and application in large area.

At present, solar photovoltaic power generation is still in the crystalline silicon solar cell, its market share accounted for the entire solar photovoltaic power generation 90% of the market, the commercialization of large area solar cell conversion efficiency can reach 18%-19%. by the development of amorphous silicon thin film solar cells, its market share accounted for 6%-7% of the entire market. In the international market and domestic policy driven by Chinese photovoltaic industry is gradually rise from scratch disease, the emergence of Wuxi Suntech, Yingli and Trina Changzhou, a large number of excellent photovoltaic enterprises, led to the development of upstream and downstream enterprises, Chinese photovoltaic industry chain is formed. This paper first makes a detailed and objective description of the present situation of China photovoltaic industry, pointed out that some European countries support policies spawned a photovoltaic solar bubble in China, tens of billions of billions of dollars of investment or losses, disorderly projects in a dilemma, at the same time, the photovoltaic giant core technology with foreign countries have been trying to suppress the expansion.

China photovoltaic industry in times of crisis, and monopoly profits. This paper analyses the industry value chain and the Potter competition model of China photovoltaic industry, the most high-end profit source industry, polysilicon and solar photovoltaic power generation industry terminal system integration is China photovoltaic industry weakness, China photovoltaic industry therefore has formed two small, the middle of the low level of enterprise competitiveness is not strong but many shuttle shape. In order to deepen the analysis of the Chinese photovoltaic industry, the problem of concrete, two typical enterprises in the third chapter of the China photovoltaic industry is Wuxi Suntech and Baoding Yingli SWOT analysis, to the point, and the introduction of an advanced enterprises in the world of American FIRST SOLAR to analyze the ratio, to find where the PV enterprises in China the gap with foreign competitors. Then in the fourth chapter of this article details the problems that exist in Chinese photovoltaic industry, such as enterprise competition chaos, the whole industry is relatively backward, the policy support effect is limited, the enterprise is big but not strong, but not so much yield. In order to solve these problems, this paper puts forward the national policy support, technological innovation, industrial restructuring, the establishment and expansion of enterprise brand to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, to create a bright future of China's photovoltaic industry.


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