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wind solar hybrid controller
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Solar controller wiring sequence


The first step: connect the battery

Warning: the positive and negative terminals of the battery and the short circuit connected to the positive and negative poles will cause the risk of fire or explosion!

Before connecting the battery, make sure the battery voltage is higher than 6V. If the system is 24V, to ensure that the battery voltage is not less than 18V. The system voltage is selected automatically when the controller is started for the first time.

When installing the insurance, pay attention to the maximum distance from the battery is the maximum distance of 150mm, to ensure that the wiring is connected to the insurance.

The second step: connection load

The load end of the solar controller can be connected with a DC power supply device with the same rated voltage and rated voltage of the battery.

Load terminal for connecting the positive and negative poles of the load to the controller. The load terminal may be voltage, wiring should be careful to avoid short circuit.

A safety device shall be connected to the load on the positive or negative lead, and not connected to the installation. After installation, make sure that the insurance is connected.

If the load is connected through the switchboard, there is a separate insurance for each load circuit, and all the load current should not exceed the rated current of the controller.

The third step: connect photovoltaic array

Warning: the risk of electric shock! Photovoltaic array may produce a high voltage, careful to prevent electric shock.

The controller can be applied to the off grid solar modules of 12V and 24V, and can also use open circuit voltages not exceeding the specified maximum input voltage of the grid connected components. In the system, the solar module voltage is not lower than the system voltage.

The fourth step: check connection

Check all connections again to see whether the positive and negative terminals of each terminal are correct and whether the 6 terminals are tightened.

The fifth step: confirm electrify

When the battery power supply to the controller, the controller to start when the controller ‘s battery indicator lights on, observe whether it is right.


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