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wind solar hybrid controller
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Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 5A 10A 15A 20A with waterproof for street lamp or ourdoor use

JN-W series 12V/24V automatic identification, 5A 10A 15A 20A solar controller for pv system with IP68 protection level,can be used on household and street light.aluminum design, can effectively prevent all forms of corrosion. 12V/24V automatic identification system voltage.LED digital display and waterproof solar controller for batteries keyboard operation, using simple and quick.Improved three-step charging algorithm, once a week the battery equalizing charge, effectively prevent the battery inequality and sulfuration, improve battery life.

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  • Model Number :

  • Rated Voltage:

    12V/24V automatic
  • Maximum Current:

    5A 10A 15A 20A
  • Certification:

    CE & ROHS
  • Warranty:

    3 Years
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JN-W Series intelligent waterproof type

Ⅰ.Main characteristics
1.IP68 waterproof rating for solar pv energy controller, aluminum design, can effectively prevent all forms of corrosion.2. 12V/24V automatic identification system voltage suitable for lithium battery,AGM and GEl battery types.
3. LED digital display and waterproof keyboard operation, using simple and quick.
4. Improved three-step charging algorithm, once a week the battery equalizing charge, effectively prevent the battery inequality and sulfuration, improve battery life.
5. Five kinds of loading modes, easy to use in a variety of lights and control equipment.
6. External temperature sensors with high accuracy temperature compensation.
7. Parameter settings to save power-down function, without duplication, easy to use and quick.
8. Various status indicators.
9. Over-charges, over discharge, short circuit protection and overload protection as well as electronic protection against reverse polarity.
10. TVS lightning protection.

. The installation and wiring

1.pv charge controller installation to solid, the following dimensions:Dimensions: 82 × 58 × 20 (mm)
Installation size: 43 × 75 (mm)
Install Aperture: 3.5 (mm)

fangpusun solar charge controller sizefangpusun solar charge controller shell

2. JN-W series controllers can be 12V or 24V system voltages, and then please use the battery, the controller will automatically identify the battery voltage to work.

3. Connect the "+": the control design for a total positive, please put the batteries, solar panel and loads positive respectively connect the controllers positive (red line) tog`````````ether.
4. Connect the battery "-" very: If properly connected, the controller flashes, otherwise, please check the connections are correct.

5. Connect the solar panel to "-": if there is sun, solar panels, indicator lights, otherwise, check the connections are correct.
6. Connected load "-" pole: a load cable access controller load output current can not exceed the rated current of the controller.

Wiring diagram as shown below 

 pwm solar charge controller connection

Ⅲ.Use suggestion 
1.Controller on power-up will identify the battery voltage, and then please use the battery to wait for initialization to complete, and to ensure reliable connection.
2. Controllers during operation may have a fever, the proposed installation in ventilation environment.
3. Test environment temperature controller to compensate for battery charging, battery and controller as far as possible on the same environment.
4. Select the connection cable of adequate capacity to avoid excessive wear and tear on the line, the controller generates false judgments.
5.The controller inside design for a total positive, if need ground, please put the positive grounding.
6.Batteries often have been filled very important, at least once a month to be filled; otherwise the battery will suffer permanent damage. Only when entering the battery energy more than  the load of energy used,The battery can be filled.When the user configuration system, please keep this in mind.


System voltage

12V/24V Auto

System current


No-load consumption

< 5mA

Solar input voltage

< 55V

Over voltage protection


Equalizing charge voltage

14.6V×2/24V25℃),hold time1 hour

Improve charging voltage

14.4V×2/24V25℃), hold time 2  hour

Float charge voltage

13.8V×2/24V 25℃

Charge return voltage

13.2V×2/24V 25℃

Over discharge voltage


Over discharge protection


Temperature compensation


Light control voltage

Light control OPEN 7VLight control CLOSE 2V

Light control judgment time


Overload, short circuit protection

1.25 times the rated current of 3 minutes auto-recovery;1.5 times the rated current of 5 minutes automatic recovery;≥ 2 times the rated current, short circuit protection, can not; automatically recover, you need to manually check recovery

Working temperature


Protection level


Net weight





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