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wind solar hybrid controller
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Solar charge controller 12V 24V 48V 30A 40A 50A 60A

The JC series solar charge controller is a very important part of the solar system. It is the heart of the solar power system. JC series controller. It is use intelligence and automatically to control the charge, discharge and load of the system to supply perfect protection functions for the battery. So pv battery controller can make the battery work reliability and longer.

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    CE & ROHS
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    3 Years
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Product Detail

  JC series Solar charge controller 12V 24V 48V 30A 40A 50A 60A

Product Details:

Work theory: Use the industrial MCU as the host solar charge controller.

Function: Battery Overcharge and charge protection; Battery open-circuited protection; Load over-voltage protection; Reversed charge protection at night; Solar Cells reversed protection; Battery reversed protection.

Status indication:

LED show and key set(users set is valid)

Vb: battery voltage

Black grid: battery power


Press SET key to enter

Time: time-control time solar charge controller

(valid for household)


After setting the time, waiting to enter the initialization, and then the time saved.(Need to reset after power failure, timing lights from the light control date. Only applicable to street lamp type.)                         

Install and use: please be careful about the "+", "-" polarity. First please connect the controller to the battery, the connect to the solar panel and last connect it to the load. The controller LED shows the battery voltage, battery power and charging status. The two LED indicate the system charging and discharging instruction.

1. First connect the controller to the battery "-", "+" polarity. ("+" polarity at the fuse left, prohibit take the wrong). The LCD will initialization valley, red light will flash after right connect. After done it output light(blue led) will long bright, under-voltage, over-voltage will long off. Otherwise, please check the line.

2. Then connect it to the solar panels as described in appendix shown.("+" polarity at the left, prohibit take the wrong). The charging light(red light) will be long bright or flash. Otherwise, please check the line.(please connect the solar panels with two ways and every way undertake   rated current)

3. At last connect it to the load.(in appendix shown, the light and "+" polarity at the left). The light will be light if the connection is right(street lamp style the light will be long off during the day, over-voltage and under-voltage will be long off). Otherwise, please check the line.


I. Must be connected in order. Wrong connect will destroy the controller(over-voltage, under-voltage and charging data please read the Technical parameters 

II. The controller may become hot during operation, please installed it in a ventilation environment.

III. Please select a sufficient capacity cable to avoid the line produced a large loss, because this can make the controller get a misjudgment.(inverter do not directly connect to the controller, because it may destroy the controller,please connect it to battery)

IV. Batteries need at least one full charging a month, otherwise the battery will be permanently damaged. Only the charging power more than the discharge, the battery can be filled. Please keep it in mind when you use it.

Technical parameters : 





System rated voltage




MAX. Input power














Average charge








Float charge




Temperature compensator




Start voltage




Over discharge

Switching off








Over voltage

Switching off








No-load current




Solar control open voltage


4V ±1%


Solar control shut voltage




Max open circuit voltage






Work temperature


Using altitude

≤5500m(above 2000m need reduced the power)

Size and weight

180mmx107mmx55mm         0.95Kg


Product Photos and Details:




How Does PWM controller works ?

Pretty a few charge controls have a "PWM" mode. PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. PWM is regularly used as one approach of float charging. instead of a consistent output from the controller, it sends out a chain of quick charging pulses to the battery - a totally rapid "on-off" switch. The controller continuously exams the state of the battery to determine how rapid to ship pulses, and how long (huge) the pulses can be. In a fully charged battery with out a load, it is able to simply "tick" every few seconds and send a brief pulse to the battery. In a discharged battery, the pulses might be very long and nearly non-stop, or the controller may fit into "complete on" mode. The controller checks the state of charge at the battery among pulses and adjusts itself every time.

PWM controller holds the voltage greater constant. If it has two-stage regulation, it will first hold the voltage to a secure most for the battery to reach full charge. Then, it will drop the voltage lower, to sustain a "end" or "trickle" charge. two-stage regulating is essential for a device that could revel in many days or weeks of extra energy (or little use of energy ).It maintains a complete charge but minimizes water loss and stress.

Why choose us ?

1.We are Alibaba Assessed 5 years Gold Supplier.
2.We are a factory manufacturing solar controller & inverter,best production capability ,best quality control, best Service quaranteed.
2.We have reliable component & part suppliers,Double advantage in both quality and cost.
3.QC control system, 100% QC inspection Before Shippment.(supply best products)
4.We approved CE & ROHS certification.
5.We obtained many patents on products.
6.Do custom-built for customers. 


Q1:Do you make customized products based standard ones?
A1:Yes, we are a professional solar controller & inverter with an experienced engineering team to make custom products according to clients’requirments.

Q2:What is the MOQ?
A2:Usually we don't set MOQ, but the more, the cheaper. Besides, we are happy to offer sample for clients to ensure quality standard .

Q3:Whether some samples can be provided? 
A3:Yes, just need sample cost, we will return it back when proceed into mass production. 

Q4:How to deal with the parts received when they are found to be in poor quality? 
A4:Please rest assured that all our products are QC inspected and accepted with inspection before delivery and generally there will no non-conformance; in case of non-conformance, please contact us immediately, take some pictures, we will check on the problems and have them reworked or repaired at the first time ,the resulting transportation costs borne by our company. 

Q5:How can you certify capacity?
A5: 1)we have a 100 people team.
    2)we have 5 engineers
    3)we have ourself factory.
So,we can ensure the production quantity about 10000pcs /Month

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Subject : Solar charge controller 12V 24V 48V 30A 40A 50A 60A

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