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Simple type booster MPPT Solar Electric vehicle special controller 48v 60v 72v

Simple type booster MPPT Solar Electric vehicle special controller is a sophisticated  solar charge controller family  for low cost appl ications.The electronic circui t is equipped with a microcontrol ler that provides high-efficiency charging  technology together with a number of outstanding status display, warning and safety functions.

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                         Economical Type MPPT Solar Electric Vehicle Special Controller 


Product Advantages:

1.High performance booster MPPT charging ways.

2. The system uses solar panel power supply, reduce the power consumption of the battery.

3. The LED status indicator.

4. Digital tube current-time display charging current, battery voltage, and solar energy input voltage, running status be clear at a glance.

5.Complete over-charge, anti-recoil, anti-reverse, and short circuit protection.

6. One-click set battery voltage grade (48V, 60V, 72V three battery voltage grade easy one-click settings).

7. System USES a fool type design, easy to use, safe and reliable.

Use advice:

1.Please do not overload use the controller, 18V PV panels maximum power is 200W, if you have two pieces of 18V PV panels ‘s total power above 200W please in series use them;36V PV panels maximum power is 400W, if more than 2 pieces PV panels,please use them in parallel.(PV panels parameters: 18V PV panel’s working voltage is 18 v, open circuit voltage is 22V, 36V PV panel’s working voltage is 36V,open circuit voltage is 44V. please look at the PV panels on the back of the parameters then connection it.)

2.The controller will heat during operation, please installed in the ventilation and heat dissipation of the environment.

3. When use the system, suggested between the battery and controller and solar panels and controller in series a switch, Otherwise, when connection will appear lighter phenomenon;at the same time to switch on the system safety is guaranteed.

4. The system input and output is isolation design, when using it,the together with the positive or negative are both wrong.
5. The full battery is very important, be filled once a month at least, otherwise the battery will be suffering permanent damage.Only when entering the battery energy than load use of energy, the battery can be filled.When the user configuration system, please keep this in mind.

Installation and wiring               


Dimensions: 115*111*43 (mm)  

Installation size: (55~95)×103(mm)

Install Aperture: 3.5 (mm)


1.The controller can charge for 48V,60V and 72V battery,using one-click setting output voltage grade, the set method as follows:

When the system startup is completed, long press "set" button for 5 ~ 10 seconds, digital tube display "H48. F" said now for 48V mode, as shown in the figure below:


Please waiting for 5 seconds, the digital tube out, the system is working in 48V mode, and by the same way, once again long press "set" button, you can set the 60V and 72V model, the set button loop set up 48V, 60V and 72V model.As shown in the figure below:


3.The solar panels "+"pole connect the controllers solar red line.The controller's mask marked the solar terminal and battery terminal,please don't inversely connect, solar terminal cable for φ10mm,battery terminal cable for φ8mm.

4.The solar panels "-"pole connect to the controller solar black line.

5.The battery "+"pole connect the controller battery red (or brown) line

6.The battery”-”pole connect the controller “battery” black(or blue) line,after wiring is normal, if there is the sun, the controller starts to work.

System operation and status indication

1. The system normal, if there is the sun, the system to start, LED lights blink a few times after digital tube bright, system start-up.

2. After the system start-up, digital tube loop display the  battery voltage,solar input voltage, charging current, the LED normal instructions.Note: when the PV panel’s input power is less than 35W, will be close the LED’s in order to save energy, but the digital tube also normal display.

3. When the system anomaly, press the “reset” button for 3 seconds to loosen, the system automatically reset.

4.Status indication, shown in the table below:

Display content


·                                      statement


LED lights


Solar panels to access


Battery charge

Digital tube first


Battery voltage


Solar panels input voltage


Charging current

Safety recommendations

1. The controller can be adaptive to the 12V and 24V PV panels, please do not use the open circuit voltage above 50V PV panels,otherwise there will be the risk of burning.

2. The controller inside not have the parts need to maintain and repair, and contains safe voltage higher than the human body, please don't take apart the controller.

3. Please do not use water or corrosive liquids into the controller, and they might damage the controller.

4. Battery 48V, 60V or 72V, battery terminal voltage are both more than the human safety voltage,when you operation it, pay attention to use insulated tools, and maintain the necessary dry.

5. The battery connect reverse or short circuit, the current is large, the controller will not damage, but the fuse will melt, accompanied by strong spark phenomenon at the same time, this time the impact on the battery and your equipment are high, please try to avoid the happening of this kind of situation.

6. The battery may produce flammable gas, please stay away from sparks.

Technical parameters

PV open circuit voltage


MPPT Voltage range


MPPT efficiency




 No-load loss

< 5mA

Solar input power


Communication distance



48Vor 60Vor 72V(One-click set)

Over-voltage protection


12VDC power


USB charge power


system reset

One-click reset

Anti-reverse protection

When the battery positive and negative reverse connection, the fuse will fuse, the user to replace 10A, φ5×20 glass tube fuse.

Working temperature

-25℃ - +65℃





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