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PVS the Inverter Output Waveform


(1) square wave inverter: The output voltage waveform of the square wave inverter. Although square wave inverter apparatus has simple structure, low cost advantages, but also has low efficiency, loss, harmonic components, shortcomings and so on using load limit. When load for power load with electric motor load or with transformer, because of its load saturation magnetic flux are designed according to the rising rate of sine wave, the square-wave rise too fast, resulting in its core saturation, the load will be starting difficulty, core overheating and making noises. And the square wave inverter is much less efficient than the modified wave and the sine wave inverter, which is less than 60%.Because of the high cost of generating electricity from solar PVS, the advantages of solar PVS are that there are few applications for the square wave inverter.

(2) modify the wave inverter: The output voltage waveform of the modified wave inverter is shown. Compared with the square wave, the waveform of the modified wave has obviously improved, and the higher harmonic content has decreased. The traditional fixed wave inverter is through wave voltage for the ladder, as a result of the superposition exist this way control circuit is complex, superposition circuit used in the power switch tube is more, and the volume and weight of the inverter is larger, and many other problems. In recent years, with the rapid development of power electronic technology, PWM pulse width modulation has been widely used to generate the modified wave output. At present, the modified wave inverter has been widely used in remote areas of the user's system, because the user's system of power quality is not very high, and it can meet the needs of most of the electricity equipment, and there is 20% of the harmonic distortion, but it occurs in precision equipment operation problem, also can cause high frequency interference of communication equipment, so you must use the sine wave inverter at this time.

(3) the sine wave inverter: Show the output voltage waveform of the sine wave inverter. It has the advantage of good output waveform, the distortion degree is low, and the output waveform and the utility grid of alternating current waveform, actually good sine wave inverter provides an alternating current is higher than the quality of the power grid. Sine wave inverter interference with radio and communication equipment and precision equipment is small, low noise, load adaptability is strong, can meet all the application of ac load, and the machine efficiency is higher; Its drawback is that the circuit and relative modified wave inverter are complex, and the demand for controlling chip and maintenance technology is high and the price is more expensive. In the case of solar power, to avoid electricity to the public grid Pollution, too, must be used with the sine wave inverter.


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