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Photovoltaic situation this year (2017)


Last year, "6 - 30" rush installed tide, pulling the upper reaches of photovoltaic production capacity, which also brought good performance photovoltaic enterprises. Statistics show that from 2016, 42 A shares of photovoltaic listed companies performance, only two losses. In the 40 growth companies, 11 are expected to achieve a profit increase of more than 100% in 2016 attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

With the adjustment of the price of electricity this year, 6 - 30 rush to install the tide will be back, the performance of photovoltaic enterprises is worth looking forward to. According to Wind statistics show that in 18 PV has a semi annual disclosure of earnings forecast of listed companies, pre growth, a slight increase, continued earnings, losses and other pre hi companies reached 13, accounting for 72%.

In 13 pre hi companies, net profit is expected to double the 5 companies, including section Hengsheng, Fangda group, cnfits group, Colin green and crystal Sheng electrical. The performance of these companies increased significantly, mainly in the first half of the rush to install the relevant. Among them, the Li Group expects the first half of this year, net profit of 33 million 870 thousand to 50 million 810 thousand yuan, year on year turnaround. Fangda Group expects the first half of the net profit of 200 million yuan to 250 million yuan, an increase of 276.25% to 370.31%.

In addition, the central shares is expected this year 1~6 months attributable to shareholders of listed companies, the net profit of 270 million yuan to 320 million yuan, an increase of 27.58%.

In this regard, the photovoltaic industry expert Zhao Yuwen said: "this year," 6 - 30 "before the installed capacity of photovoltaic enterprises is bigger than last year '6 - 30' before, reproduction to grab loading tide upstream single polysilicon enterprises and component enterprises shipments improved, so the first half of this year the photovoltaic enterprise performance the rise will be greater than the first half of last year performance increases."


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