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Photovoltaic Power Generation


Photovoltaic Power Generation

Photovoltaic power generation, solar power, we usually say "photoelectric" for short,it basically is to use the light of the semiconductor interface will be born v effect in a technology light energy directly into electrical energy. Key components of the technology is that solar cells, solar cells, after a series of packaging protection can form a large area of solar cell components, combined with power controller and other components are formed on the photovoltaic device.

Photovoltaic power generation system is composed of the solar cell phalanx, battery, charge and discharge controller, inverter, ac power distribution cabinet, solar tracking control system and other equipment. The role of some of its equipment is:

Arrays are: in cases with light, battery absorb light energy, appear different on both ends of the battery charge accumulation, which produce "light voltage", this is the "light born v effect".

Battery: its effect is store electricity from solar cell phalanx by light and can supply power to load at any time.

Controller: is automatically to prevent the battery overcharge and over discharge equipment.

Inverter: is to convert direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac) devices. Inverter according to the operation mode, can be divided into independent operation inverter and grid inverter.

Photovoltaic power generation is to use the light of the semiconductor interface will born v effect in a light energy directly into electrical energy technology, its key element is the solar cell. Its basic principle is under the irradiation of the sunlight, the solar battery components the energy generated by the controller to the control of battery or in the case of meet the load demand directly to the load power supply, if the sun or in the night by the battery under the control of the controller to dc load power supply, for photovoltaic systems contain ac load, also need to increase the inverter to convert direct current (dc) to alternating current.


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