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Off - Grid Photovoltaic Power Generation System


Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system is widely used in remote mountainous areas, no electricity, islands, communications base stations and street lamps and other applications. The system is generally composed of solar cell components of the photovoltaic matrix, solar charge and discharge controller, battery pack, off-grid inverter, DC load and AC load and so on. Photovoltaic array in the case of light will be converted into electrical energy, through the solar charge and discharge controller to the load power supply, while charging the battery; in the absence of light, through the solar charge and discharge controller from the battery to the DC load power supply, At the same time the battery also directly to the independent inverter power supply, through the independent inverter inverter into alternating current, to the AC load power supply.

1. solar battery components

Is the main part of the solar power supply system, but also the highest value of the solar power supply system components, its role is to convert the sun's radiation energy into DC power.

The solar cell module is a solar power generator that converts solar energy directly into DC power. According to the user's different requirements for power and voltage, made a single use of solar modules can also be a number of solar modules through the series and parallel to form a power supply array to provide greater power. Solar cell components with high area ratio of power, long life and high reliability of the characteristics of the 20-year period of use, the output power drop is generally not more than 20%.

In general, the amount of solar cell power generation with the increase in the intensity of sunshine in proportion to increase. With the component surface temperature rise slightly decreased. As the temperature changes, the battery components of the current, voltage, power will also change, the series design must be considered in series voltage negative temperature coefficient.

2. Solar charge and discharge controller

Also known as "photovoltaic controller", its role is to the solar cell components issued by the power regulation and control, the maximum charge of the battery, and the battery played a charge protection, over discharge protection role. Where the temperature difference is large, the PV controller should have the function of temperature compensation.

A suitable photovoltaic controller is configured according to the DC voltage level of the system and the power of the solar cell module.

Common PV controllers are DC12V, 24V, 48V different voltage levels.

3. battery pack

Its main task is to store energy in order to ensure that the load at night or rainy days to support electricity.

According to the requirements of the system DC voltage level to configure the battery string, parallel quantity.

Try to configure 1-2 sets of batteries, can choose large-capacity battery.

4. off-grid inverter

Off-grid power generation system of the core components, is responsible for the DC into AC power for the use of AC load. In order to improve the overall performance of photovoltaic power generation system to ensure long-term stable operation of power plants, inverter performance is very important.

The off-grid inverter is one of the important components in the photovoltaic power generation system. The inverter selection is based on the characteristics of the load (such as resistivity, inductive or capacitive) and the load power.

At present, off-grid photovoltaic power generation system communication and monitoring program can use RS485 / 232 local communication, Ethernet remote communication, GPRS remote communication in three ways. System communication and monitoring devices need to be configured from the dedicated monitoring software, industrial PC, monitors, communication conversion equipment and communication cables.


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