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wind solar hybrid controller
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Off Grid MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller with Booster Function

1.Wind Solar Hybrid Input or Independent Input Solar or Wind ,the Wind used for AC Wind or DC Wind

2.MPPT charging way, make sure power max. input to battery and high charging efficiency obtained

3.Be able to use for 800W wind turbine max.with high compatibility.

4.Independent Boost Circuit: Solved the charging efficiency of the low-power vertical wind generator.

5.12V/24V System Automatic Recognition function.

6.Mini-size, be easy to install. Include Dump Loader Resistance

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Off Grid MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller Design for Max 800W Wind with Max 600W Solar Panel with Booster Function

Product Features:

1. Intelligent design, simple structure,control powerful,stable performance,safety and reliability

2. Choose MPPT fan charging ways, efficiency is much better

3. Booster charge function, low wind speed can charging

4. LCD display, all parameters are visible directly

5. Liquid crystal display battery charging electric current and voltage

6. Digital intelligent control.

Product Parameters:

Model JW-MPPT1230 JW-MPPT2440 JW-MPPT2450 JW-MPPT2460 JW-MPPT2460-1 JW-MPPT2480 JW-MPPT2480-1
Rated Voltage 12V 24V 24V 24V 24V 24V 24V
Wind Turbine Power 300W 400W 500W 600W 600W 800W 800W
Solar Panel Power 200W 200W 300W 400W 600W 400W 600W
Charging Mode

MPPT charging for wind turbine

PWM charging for solar panel




boost charge

Battery Type

AGM, Gel, Lead-Acid

LCD Display

remark voltage,charge current,battery volumetric

Heat Emanation Way

built-in raditor

Controller Dimension


Net Weight

1.2KG for controller, 1KG for dump load


1pc controller+1pc dump load+1pc English user manual

The controller is designed specifically for wind solar hybrid system, can make the wind solar hybrid system of various resources to achieve the best configuration.

The Fan charging part and Solar charging part are independent of each other, can make fan controller or solar controller using independent (As a fan controller cannot use light control function).Fan charging adopted booster MPPT technology, which makes under low wind speed, the fan's electricity can still be used;In the high wind speed or the fan of power is beyond the scope of the battery and load absorption, the controller immediately launched the step-less unloading function (this function detailed description in later) protection system of the equipment.Solar charging using in series MOS tube PWM technology, which makes the controller power consumption is small, the system more stable.

Discharge part working mode can be set,light control mode,Period of time control function etc,The user can be set up according to the requirements on wind PV hybrid controller own combination.

Man-machine interface of the controller USES a custom LCD screen and four key operation mode, the user to use simple and easy to use, popular and easy to understand, convenient and quick.

The controllers with perfect protection function, including: lightning counter-attack, solar charger, over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open protection, etc.

If you have interesting or want to get a price ,pls leave messgae below or email us directly.

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