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  • Building Integrated PV
    Building Integrated PV 2018-03-13

    According to the investigation report of the United Nations Energy Agency, photovoltaic building integration will become the market hot spot of urban building energy efficiency in twenty-first Century. Solar energy construction industry will be one of the most important emerging industries in twenty-first Century. BIPV, Building Integrated PV, is the integration of photovoltaic architecture. PV is Photovoltaic. BIPV technology is a technology that integrates solar power (photovoltaic) products into buildings. Photovoltaic Architecture - BIPV is different from the form of the photovoltaic system attached to the building (BAPV:Building Attached PV). In the modern society, people's pursuit of the comfortable building environment is getting higher and higher, which leads to the increasing energy consumption of building heating and air conditioning. In developed countries, building energy has already accounted for 30% - 40% of the total energy consumption of the country, which has formed a certain restriction on the economic development. The combination of solar energy with the building envelope, the installation of solar power on the surface of the device in the building structure to provide power, can not only expand the production of clean energy, and does not occupy the city ground space, has been adopted by more and more countries.

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  • solar street lights failure and the reasons
    solar street lights failure and the reasons 2018-01-29

    Solar street lights, that is, on the basis of lighting, using a new supply of solar energy only. But want to adopt the new energy supply, solar panels, batteries, solar charge controller, these components are essential. As we all know, the more simple things, the less failure, and solar street lights are more than three key components, the failure of light than the average will be more. 1. the whole light is not bright Solar street light is used for outdoor lighting, so it will often encounter high temperature and rainy, cold weather and other environments, and solar street light controller is usually installed in the light pole, easily lead to water short to the controller. First of all, observe if there is rust on the controller's terminal. If so, the controller may be damaged, no need to measure the battery voltage. If the voltage of the battery is less than 10.8V, the battery will not be charged. Need to change new one. Re-check solar panel under this working conditions whether the voltage and current has output. If not, that means the solar panel is damaged, need to replace. 2, lamp flashing        This failure may be due to poor line contact, battery power loss, a serious decline in storage capacity, if the line is no problem, the need to replace the battery. 3, light a short time        If the rainy days duration is short. Storage capacity is generally decreased battery, storage battery caused by insufficient electricity. Replace the battery can be. 4, solar lights incomplete light        Now a lot of solar street lamp adopt dot-matrix LED light source, in addition to the quality of LED light source itself, there are some lamp bead Weld will cause this situation. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp beads, welded firmly or replace the entire lamp head.        If the location of the installation of the sun's lack of light, make the overall configuration of the lamp unreasonable, can easily lead to serious shorten the life of solar street lights. Should choose the strong sunlight environment to install, reasonable allocation of solar street light system.

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  • MPPT Algorithm Analysis
    MPPT Algorithm Analysis 2018-01-26

    The diagram below shows the volt ampere curve and power curve of solar panel. It can be seen that as the voltage increases, the current always decreases, and the power has the maximum value. MPPT algorithm analysis 1.MPPT overview below is the volt ampere curve and power curve of solar panel. It can be seen that as the voltage increases, the current will always decrease, and the power has the maximum value. The optimal working point for solar panels is called the maximum power point, which depends on the working temperature of the panels and the level of light at that time. Under different temperature and light intensity of different maximum power point of solar panels, to make the maximum power point of solar panels as much as possible to work in, you need to use the photovoltaic maximum power tracking, MPPT technology implementation of the most important thing is to find suitable MPPT control algorithm, can effectively in a rapidly changing weather conditions to track the maximum power point, control panels, work as much as possible on the maximum power point. MPPT has many algorithms, such as constant pressure tracking, incremental conductance and interference observation, etc. (1) Constant pressure tracking method: From the picture above you can see, when the temperature is, the maximum power point of solar panels under different light intensity almost fell on both sides of the same root vertical line nearby, it's likely to approximate maximum power line as a constant voltage V a vertical line, make the photovoltaic panels in a fixed voltage. The constant pressure tracing method is an approximate maximum power tracking method. Constant pressure tracking method has certain power loss. In particular, when the temperature changes, the open circuit voltage of the solar panel changes, while the voltage of the constant voltage tracking method is a constant value, so the tracking efficiency is not high. (2) Incremental conductance method. The conductance increment method outputs the control signal by comparing the conductance increment and the instantaneous conductivity of the solar panel. The working voltage of the solar panel should be increased to reach the maximum power point when the electric conductivity increment of the solar panel and the instantaneous conductivity are greater than 0.When the electric conductivity of the solar panel and the instantaneous conductivity are less than 0, the working voltage of the solar panel should be reduced to reach the maximum power point. The electric conduction increment method is accurate and the response speed is fast, which is suitable for the situation where atmospheric conditions change quickly. However, the requirements of hardware, especially the precision of the sensor, are relatively high, and the response speed of each part of the system is relatively fast, so the hardware cost of the whole system is also high. (3) Interference observation method: The interferometer method is to realize MPPT by c...

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  • The trend of integrated solar street light
    The trend of integrated solar street light 2018-01-03

    With the national new energy-saving environmental protection social recommendation, solar street lights gradually replace the city lights, this energy-saving products are very subject to people's attention, and with the development of solar street lights, integrated solar street lights are gradually being well-known, What is the integrated solar street light? It’s relative to the split solar street light, just put the battery, batteries, solar street light controller, LED light source into one, made of a lamp, and then configure the pole or pick the arm installation. What are the advantages of integrated solar street lights? This lamp is to install more convenient, it can be said to be a fool-type installation, if you can use the screw then you can installation, eliminating the need for the traditional split solar street lights need to install the battery bracket, lamp holder installation, production of battery pit and other steps, saving labor costs and construction costs. In addition, the integrated solar street lights also has the following advantages: solar energy to provide electricity conversion, inexhaustible; 2. environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation; no electric shock, fire and other accidents; 4.convenient: easy to install, do not need to wire or belly dig construction, power outage no worry; 5.long life: high technology products, control systems, accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality; 6.high grade: technology products, green energy, the use of units emphasis on science and technology, improve the green image, improve the grade; 7.less investment: one-time investment and exchange equivalent (AC investment from substation, into the power, control box, cable, engineering), an investment, long-term use; 8.Widely used: Solar energy comes from nature, so it can be used in any place with sunshine, especially for green landscape lamp, residential and outdoor lighting, coastal landscape lighting and decoration of tourist attractions, industrial development zone, street lighting for industrial and mining enterprises, Major institutions outdoor lighting

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  • Whether Is Radiation At PV Power System
    Whether Is Radiation At PV Power System 2017-12-19

    1. What is electromagnetic radiation? What is radiation? It refers to the object in the form of waves or particles to the surrounding space to launch energy process. All the objects in nature as long as the temperature above absolute zero, will be in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles kept to the outside world to send energy, in other words, the world has radiation, including the body itself, all the time in the outward radiation , Such as the sun, in fact, is to accept the sun's radiation. However, not all of the radiation is harmful, and some even inseparable from it, such as the sun's radiation - the sun, the earth's growth needs all the sun. Although the electromagnetic radiation does not change the molecular nature of the organism, causing direct damage, but if the energy is large, will also have a certain impact on the organism, reflected in two aspects: thermal effects and induced current. Household equipment can also cause interference, such as cell phones, radios and televisions. 2. The generation of electromagnetic radiation According to the basic theory of electromagnetism, there will be a corresponding electric field distribution around the charged particles. The charged particles will change with time. If there is a potential difference between the two points with different potentials around the charged particles, Voltage; when a large number of charged particles move when the formation of the current, the current around the magnetic field, with the time of the current will change the magnetic field. Similarly, the time-varying magnetic field can also produce electric field, so that changes in the electric field and the magnetic field alternately generated, perpendicular to each other and continue to spread to the space, resulting in electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation carried by the size of the energy depends on the frequency of the high and low frequency, the greater the energy. 3. Electromagnetic radiation of photovoltaic systems PV system is composed of photovoltaic modules, brackets, DC cables, inverters, AC cables, power distribution cabinets, transformers and other components, which stent is not charged, naturally does not produce electromagnetic interference. PV modules and DC cables, which are DC current, the direction does not change, can only produce electric field, can not produce magnetic field. Although the output transformer is AC, but the frequency is very low, only 50Hz, the resulting magnetic field is very low. Inverter is the DC power into the AC equipment, which has a power electronic transformation, the frequency is generally 5-20KHz, it will produce alternating electric field, it will also produce electromagnetic radiation. PV inverter as a power electronic equipment, switching frequency is higher, group string inverter is usually about 20K, the current is relatively large, if not take measures, there will be a lot of electromagnetic interference. The usual methods are shielding, fil...

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  • How long can a solar street lamp be used in rural areas
    How long can a solar street lamp be used in rural areas 2017-12-16

    The state to support new energy, many parts of the country are installed solar street lights, a solar street lights can be used for how long, this is a lot of beneficiaries are most concerned about. Life and solar panels, solar controller, LED light source, the battery, the following I have to analyze the impact of solar street lights use of these factors: 1.The life of solar panels generally up to 25 years, as long as you are a regular solar panel out of the product, the life of the poles can reach more than 30 years, the use of such a long life parts, can not be considered. 2.Solar street light controller technology is now more mature, not easily broken, as long as the correct use of the instructions, will not cause much threat. Even if the failure, the price is relatively cheap, many manufacturers are common, easy ordering, maintenance is also simple. 3.LED light source and battery life, battery life, manufacturers generally promised to 3 to 5 years, but if the overall system configuration is too small, the street lights are always used in a state of loss, so that the battery will be very fast , That is, the impact of the battery life. Some may have 2 to 3 years have to be replaced once. Usually we use the battery, it is necessary to take into account the daily solar panels charge, but also consider the daily power consumption of light, rainy days, the general we have to set aside 3 to 5 days of rainy days, so lights Generally will be more normal. Solar street lamp life is related to the initial system configuration, do not blindly save costs, configuration is too low. At the same time,related to solar controllers, solar panels, batteries, LED light source of the quality, try to choose the regulate manufacturers products.

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