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wind solar hybrid controller
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MPPT 800W 500W Wind and 300W solar wind solar hybrid charge controller 12V/24V

MPPT 800W 500W wind and 300w solar wind solar hybrid charge controller 12V/ 24V ,can connect solar panel ,also can connect wind generator.

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The wind solar hybrid controller is designed specifically for wind solar hybrid street light system, can make the wind solar hybrid street light system of various resources to achieve the best configuration, of course, the controller with some simple Settings can also be used in household system.

The Fan charging part and Solar charging part are independent of each other, can make fan controller or solar controller using independent (As a fan controller cannot use light control function).Fan charging adopted booster MPPT technology, which makes under low wind speed, the fan's electricity can still be used;In the high wind speed or the fan of power is beyond the scope of the battery and load absorption, the controller immediately launched the step-less unloading function (this function detailed description in later) protection system of the equipment.Solar wind controller charging using in series MOS tube PWM technology, which makes the controller power consumption is small, the system more stable.

Discharge part working mode can be set,light control mode,Period of time control function etc,The user can be set up according to the requirements on its own combination.

Man-machine interface of the controller USES a custom LCD screen and four key operation mode, the user to use simple and easy to use, popular and easy to understand, convenient and quick.

The controllers with perfect protection function, including: lightning counter-attack, solar charger, over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open protection, etc.

Ⅱ. Technical note

In off-grid system, there is always a pair of contradictions that produce energy source and energy absorption of load does not match the problem, may be the following situation: 1. The power supply can be issued under the condition of sufficient electrical energy of the load is not likely to work and the battery power is full, so this time we need to send power electricity do discharge processing,

otherwise may cause permanent damage to the equipment;2. In the power supply does not have enough electric power support is likely to appear when battery power is rarely lead to load can not have normal work, so we also need to improve power generation capacity in this situation.

In our wind solar system, solar panels power relative to the fan power is very stable power supply, so we had a wind solar hybrid controller mainly for fan design the booster MPPT charging technology and step-less unloading function, and in view of the solar panels still take simple and efficient PWM charging technology.

Booster MPPT mainly for most of the time in many parts of the wind power is not enough to support a generator to the condition of the battery charging, specific working principle is: the fan under the condition of wind speed reach the rated wind speed, the resulting voltage and power are not reach the rated power, we through real-time acquisition fan by means of booster circuit of voltage and current from the boost voltage to the battery voltage to the system requirements, using the software MPPT algorithm make the fan of power use as much as possible.

Step-less unloading function mainly aimed at the first case, when don't need additional energy, will generate the energy consumption of the fan on unloading device, the controller dedicated connection port of unloading device, the user can be selected according to actual condition when the choose and buy, we suggest in good wind conditions, such as coastal and western is empty,you must configure unloading;In some inland areas where wind conditions in general, we also recommend that try to configure unloading.

Other instructions:

Ⅲ.performance characteristics and protection function

Intelligent design succinct structure, control powerful, stable performance, safety and reliability of the products.

Choose MPPT fan charging ways, charging more efficiency than ordinary PWM way more superior

The boost charge function, solve the low charging efficiency problem of low wind

speed (optional)

Choose the big size LCD display, all parameters can directly visible

The humanized keys operate function, all of the parameters according to the request of customers in orders to adjust all kinds of using environment.

Choose PWM step less uninstall way.

With output state should set function, common power/half power/of period of time since the definition and characteristics (optional)

Using LCD to show the tinny battery voltage and electric current

Professional digital intelligent control.



protection function

protection function



Solar prevent reverse charge

At night or the light is bad, the battery voltage may be higher than the solar array voltage. The controller can prevent the generation of solar cells reverse battery charge


Reverse battery protection.


Reversed when the batteries have a huge transient current of the circuit fuse in the fuse will automatically make the battery circuit is disconnected, so as to effectively protect the battery and the device.

Electronic prevent reverse connection protection

Battery open circuit protection

Long-term use, the battery open-circuit may occur, or poor contact. The controller in the battery open-circuit protection device itself will not be damaged.

Regularly check the line connection


Ⅳ.Operating instructions

The controller to operating personnel must be a range of electrical theory knowledge and practical experience of technical personnel,and strictly in accordance with relevant provisions of the manual steps and manner.


Wind Solar Controller Installing


                        4-1   wiring diagram

 Wind Solar Controller Wiring Diagram






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mppt charge controller China          wind solar hybrid controller 12v/24v

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